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A virtual family musical

I've decided to bring my family together by having all of us sing parts of a song and compiling it. It's a WIP.

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The WHO website, because of the reliability of the source, and simple and short guidelines and a myth-busters section.

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Did this resource motivate you to change your behaviors?

  • Yes

In what ways did you change your behaviors as a result of this resource?

Stopped using public transport

Started working out and doing yoga at home, being mindful when I'm outside (and limiting my trips) 

Reacting to all situations and news calmly keeping the simple facts in mind. 

I've started reassuring people who've just begun the quarantine because I've been in it for 3.5 weeks now.

I've become more appreciative of things we do in our daily lives like cooking and exercise and what we have that's still okay. To be able to communicate with my friends and family accross the world so easily is amazing. 

Did you share this information with your network?

  • Yes

In what ways did you share this information?


Where are you getting information around COVID-19?

  • National Government
  • News: Digital
  • Social Media
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • My university shared official guidelines

What information do you feel you are missing about COVID-19?

The progress that we make everyday needs to be highlighted, and how close are we to finding a cure.

What populations or personas are not currently being addressed with today’s COVID-19 information?

Children and the older generation. For children it needs to be explained simply and in a more hands on way. Maybe a video specifically for them, that can be broadcast on relevant channels. The elderly need to be reassured too, in an optimistic manner. I think humour would be an effective tool.

What is your current profession?

Space and furniture designer, currently doing my masters in furniture design in Milan.

In what city are you located?


In what country are you located?



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Hi Hannah! Sorry to respond late. Yes, that's a great idea! I haven't tried it publicly yet, but I think I would do it after the one with my family is done because I'm seeing many interesting behaviours, with getting them to actually record themselves as they sing. So I'm finding new ways to inspire them everyday. I'm very curious about trying with others too and I will try :)

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