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a nontoxic method of large area decontamination.

a methodology for mitigating risk of spread in concentrated areas.

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The COVID-19 virus is a respiratory virus that spreads from contact with contaminated surfaces and suspended particles in the air caused by coughing. as such disinfecting surfaces provides a effective means of mitigating the spread of the virus. soap more than simply washes away the virus capsules it kills them by ripping open their capsules. however at present the use of soap to decontaminate all surfaces in a given area is limited both by the time to wipe down those surfaces and by the effective human attention to discover and thoroughly clean them. solutions for large scale decontamination exist such as industrial strength cleaning products and UV lights but are expensive or hazardous to the health of others. I submit for your consideration that a more effective means of decontamination for large surface areas would be the use of a pumped or sprayed soap based foam. The author of this suggestion must fist admit to having few technical qualifications and hopes that the consideration of his proposal is considered solely for it's merit, what ever that might be. I will however briefly detail possible avenues for the creation of foams of varying effect. the simplest would be application via pressure washers as used in car washes however the foam produced by them is thin and would resist filling a large area of space and would be suitable only for cleaning the surfaces of areas and not decontaminating any particles in the air. to decontaminate air particles a thicker foam would likely be superior. towards these ends some limited number of units should be available for purchase from party supply retailers from their use in "foam parties" additionally hobbyist foam generators can be purchased from suppliers for a product known in the hobbyist community as aircrete there are instructional video's for their construction on youtube as well. finally I will submit my own design. in agriculture water is often aerated for improved crop yields. the design for a small scale unit of such devices are simple consisting of only a few bits of pvc a venturi siphon as a water aspirator that could be further mixed with a soap solution and forced out past a mesh of stainless steel wool using a regular garden hose. 

thank you for your time in considering my proposal links are below.

links to relevent information: airjector design just add soap and steel wool. (untested) parts available for purchase for siphon airjectors. foam party machines (soap kills covid) hobbyist foam generator. 

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I tested it experimentally - it just works great!

You can also try to add your "soap foam"