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A new reality

Let the nature heal

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I live in India. A nationwide lockdown was announced on Monday, 23rd March. During these unprecedented times, what I have feared the most are-

1. Running out of food

2. My parents' health

I have my fears and each day, I try to cope with them by eating less (so that the food stocks last long) and calling my parents every morning. It's tough for each one of us and maybe, all this will get over. We may return to our lives life as before and forget all about the pandemic like it never happened. But I hope we don't because it is during this time that nature's efforts of healing itself bore fruits.

My city has been breathing clean air for the past 15 days, a thing unheard of in India. We have been eating home-cooked food. We are caring for each other, not just our friends and family. I am sure it is happening worldwide.

We have been living a minimalist lives which is all we need. I hope that once its all over, we don't return to our normal lives of polluting air and earth but take a step back and rejoice the healed nature by taking a pledge to never harm it again.

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I plan to avoid all the inessential travel, especially by plane, after all we have now become experts at Work from home and social distancing.

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It's the current state of pollution levels in Delhi, India. Throughout the year, PM2.5 hovers around 400/500 µg/m3 and multiplies in October, November. We hardly have good air quality days. The picture that I posted is showing the current quality of air, so got really motivated to see that at-least us staying inside is helping air get better.

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