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The purpose of the temperature of fever

I have discovered The Purpose of Temperature of fever, which is not known to medical science. This discovery is a life-saving discovery.

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1. Purpose of temperature of a fever.

2. The Fever temperature never damages the cells of the brain or harm the body.

3.If we remove the cause of disease, the disease and fever will not be cured.

4. Fever is not a symptom of any disease.None of the diseases require fever as its symptom.

1. Purpose of the temperature of a fever.

  When the disease becomes a threat to life or organs blood circulation decreases, Temperature of fever will emerge to increase prevailing essential blood circulation. And it acts as a protective covering of the body to sustain life.

   When blood flow decreases to the brain, the patient becomes fainted-delirious.  If we try to decreases the temperature of fever, the blood circulation will further be reduced. Blood circulation never increases without temperature increase. Delirious can never be cured without an increase in blood circulation.

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I want to produce a medicine according to new idea

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It is a life saving saving discovery

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Marma Health Centre, kalyani Towers Deshabhimani Jn, P.O.Kaloor, Ernakulam (Dt), Kerala. India Pincode-682017

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Back pain treatment

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traditional Marma Physician

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  • Southern Asia

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To develop a medicine for fever, fever research

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funding and clinical study.ow can we prove that the temperature of fever is to increase essential blood circulation? If we ask any type of question-related to fever by assuming that the temperature of fever is to increase blood circulation we will get a clear answer. If avoid or evade from this definition we will never get a proper answer to even a single question. If we do any type of treatment by assuming that the temperature of fever is to increase blood circulation, the body will accept, at the same time body will resist whatever treatment to decrease blood circulation. If we measure the heat energy used for which activities in fever, we will know the purpose of the temperature of fever.

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Dear Yacob Mathai , good to see you on the challenge. It is great that you are exploring developing a new medicine. What are the steps that you have taken so far?

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I treated with raw materials. I am financially in poor condition. So I have so many hindrance to developing a medicine. As a result of my discoveries and researches on fever, seven of my abstracts have been selected worldwide in more than 500 conferences for Oral Presentation. Two papers published in online journal.

I already attended 4 prestigious international medical conferences as keynote speaker.

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Thanks for the follow up response. It has shed more light. Might be interesting to check out this toolkit: for some resource and people you can connect with