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Preventive measures against the spread of the new deadly Corona virus in our village-Bukulumi B

With availability of funds,we will deliver to 100 homesteads in our village modern water cannister with basin plus sanitiser soaps.

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The outbreak of new coronavirus disease (COVID‑19) is causing respiratory illness worldwide, prompting the WHO to declare the condition as a global pandemic. The virus has spread across the globe, thus putting the world’s economy in survival mode.The outbreak is already infecting economies and financial markets around the world. While governments try to navigate the fine line between being prepared and setting off panic, the economic costs are growing as countries and communities try to control the spread of the disease. As the world further shuts down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, countries around the world are stepping up efforts to tackle the new coronavirus that has killed thousands.There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. As the threat becomes more widespread, new precautions must be taken: The Kenyan government has implemented various protective measures, we the people should take steps to protect ourselves from COVID-19 and limit the spread of the novel coronavirus to others. Anyone can contract COVID-19, although certain groups of people have a higher risk of developing serious complications from the virus and requiring hospitalization. Everyone has a responsibility to limit the spread to other people, especially to those who may develop deadly complications. the novel coronavirus can be fatal and is widespread in the world. Even if it does not affect you, it may affect your friends, family, colleagues or other people with whom you have relationships -- especially those who have any of the high-risk factors. People at high risk of developing serious complications from COVID-19 include older adults-The majority of the residents in our village area-pregnant women, people with asthma and HIV, and people with underlying diseases, including heart disease, lung disease and diabetes. Nothing has changed about the way COVID-19 spreads, so the basics still apply, such as the now-well-known concept of social distancing. Washing your hands is still the no. 1 way to prevent corona virus. Washing your hands correctly -- using soap and water and washing for at least 20 seconds -- still stands as the best way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. With availability of funds the communities residing in our village (Bukulumi B village, Namwitsula sub-location,Butula sub-county,Busia county-Kenya),will receive modern water cannister with basin plus 5 saniterzers soaps in their homestead for the purpose of controlling the spread of the new Corona virus.

The number of people in Kenya who have tested positive for the Covid-19 disease has risen to 343. 98 patients have recovered from the virus infection and 14 deaths have been reported. The trend we have seen on increasing numbers is not a healthy one, there is need for members of the public to adhere to measures the government has taken to curb spread of the virus. According to a Reuter tally, the number of infections worldwide stood at at least 2,991,073 while the number of people who had died was 206,822. The number of people who recovered stood at 877,126. Active cases are 1,907,125(currently infected patients). 1,849,534(97%) are in mild conditions,while 57,591(3%) are in serious or critical conditions.We are at this very early phase where it is critically important that we contain the virus.

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While COVID-19 so far has no known treatment regiment, experts recommend a series of actions that can minimise the risk of infection, including the frequent and thorough washing of hands with soap and water. In our village,there are on estimate 100 homesteads. With availability of funds,Each homestead will receive one modern water cannister with a basin and will be entitled to 5 sanitiser soaps.

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And since maintaining high level of personal hygiene is a key measure in controlling the spread of the new corona virus-Poverty is a daily cloth for the majority of the residents in our village, the majority of the population (90%) live below the poverty line of $1-residents did improvised there own water cannisters using between 10-20 litres bottles and pricking a hole sideways whereby a small stick is used as a stopper(as per attached clips). Washing hands in many homesteads is done without soaps as recommended. If each homestead is supplied with a modern cannister with a basin plus sanitizer soaps, the communities in our village will be in a position to combat the spread of Corona virus.

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The WHO has recently expressed concern about Africa in the event of massive contamination since the health systems, particularly in countries with pervasive poverty, are weak.Governments across Africa are rushing to reinforce measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, fearing that fragile health systems will be swiftly overwhelmed if the disease spreads beyond a small number of cases on the continent. We are at this very early phase where it is critically important that we contain the virus.The no. 1 thing you can do to prevent any respiratory illness like Corona virus, is to practice good personal hygiene. Washing your hands correctly -- using soap and water and washing for at least 20 seconds, still stands as the best way to prevent the spread of corona virus infectious diseases. With a water cannister plus sanitizer soaps,most communities in Africa as a continent will be able to prevent the spread of the virus. The solution best suits most African countries.

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There is no doubt that the opportunity within African agriculture is really vast, we have a decent pipeline of anything between $200 and $400 million in opportunities in Africa. The business of food is a major industry in Africa.The World Bank estimates that food production and processing in Africa could generate $1 trillion a year by 2030. The business of food could be the business of the future. I started out farming in the year 2018 by establishing a 300 stem bananas farm on quarter Acre piece of land and incorporating pawpaw's & pineapples. Fruits grown in the farm are in high demand in our region, therefore everyone is a potential customer to my farm products.

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According to the 2019 Kenya population and housing census, the population of Busia county was estimated to be 883,681 with females 52.3% and males 47.7%. The population is largely rural considering that only 10% of the population resides in the urban areas.If the solution is to be implemented in our village only a population of arough estimate of 6000 people will directly benefit. I seek partners who can assist financially in implementing the solution throughout the county and kenya as a country

What do you think are the main barriers to implementing this solution?

For the initiative to be successful, lots of funds need to be incurred. The modem water cannister with a basin is too expensive($47.22)to acquire for the poor majority of the residents. Also the washing soaps used need to be purchased all the time for they are used frequently. Since the majority of the residents live below the poverty line, affording $4.81 to buy the soaps still pose a great huddle for the initiative to be successful.

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No one around us is doing anything concerning the solution am working on. Everyone is expecting the National and county governments to take care of there concerns.

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