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Open Cinemas

To help cinemas to generate income, by opening up open theaters. This solution will be an intermediate tactic until this crisis is over.

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Theatres are closing around the world. Jobs are being culled. No one knows when projectors will be fired up again. Cinema is far from unique in being an industry under threat in the time of Covid-19. 

Audiences have increasingly been consuming more films at home anyway, of course. But now that trend has become a fact of life, many are questioning whether the culture of cinemagoing will resume in the same way once the pandemic abates.

Chinese theatres shuttered when the virus hit. In mid-March, an attempt to tentatively start opening cinemas again after the easing of the lockdown saw distributors refuse to release new films and audiences stay at home. Already, the almost 500 cinemas that tried to open have shut down again after receiving a letter from the government. Cinema-goers argued that it was too soon to open auditoriums and it was safer to watch films at home, especially when no vaccine for Covid-19 exists.

We want to suggest a solution which can help Cinemas to survive this hard times, and continue to stay in business. The solution itself is not a new one, the key part here the policies which will help cinema owners to sustain this period, as well as to keep their staff in employment. 


We are proposing exclusive open cinemas around the city, managed and run by Cinema owners of the city, and use their existing employees to do chores. 

  • This space can be implemented in public parks, open-air stadiums.
  • Open space will avoid the fear of a closer cinema hall.
  • Seating arrangements can be within the norms of social distancing. 

We want to give the opportunity to generate revenues for people running cinemas. This solution will be an intermediate tactic until this crisis phase is over

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Theatres are closing around the world. Jobs are being culled.

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Help the cinemas which got closed due to the Covid19 economic impact. Use open spaces to set up cinemas, and permissions should be restricted for cinema owners and their employees.

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  • No

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Provide an alternative source of income for cinema owners and their staff.

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Strategic Consultancy, we are a global team working from different parts of the world, we collaborate with small and medium enterprises with an aim to democratize innovation

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  • Latin America and the Caribbean

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  • Business/Consulting

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  • Business

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