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Remotely teaching and motivating National Exam Candidates in Tanzania primary and secondary schools during the COVID-19 school shutdown.

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In Tanzania, as in many other countries in the World schools and even physical tuition centres have been closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, students have a tend to forget what they have learnt in class during this similar break. This program intends to support  (i.e. teach and motivate) national examination candidates during this period through a web-based and mobile app learning system on parents' devices.

With many parents owning smart devices nowadays in Tanzania and in other countries, we believe that a good number of students will be able to access our service and be the helpers to the rest of students in the class after the opening of schools. 

The system will register and employ competent teachers who are also currently at home, and share the well prepared notes for students. It will also include the live and recorded Questions and Answers, as well as Students Discussion sessions. 

In Tanzania, national examination candidates includes; Standard Four, Standard Seven, Form Two, Form Four, and Form 6. The program will serve these students as its primary focus while the rest of students will also be focused as secondary beneficiaries. 

The teachings will include both theories and practicals (Chemistry, Biology and Physics) demonstrated from virtual model laboratories. 

What is the need are you focusing on?

Filling the learning gap - or learning consistency for students who are expecting to sit for national exams soon or later this year. 

Students who will benefit from this solution during the COVID-19 school shutdown are expected to be of great help to fellow students who will have missed this opportunity after the opening of schools (perhaps post COVID-19).

Which type of submission are you sharing?

  • Identifying a gap that needs to be addressed
  • Sharing a pivot idea your organization is considering or could consider

Describe the business pivot or adaptation in 3-4 sentences.

We are considering to partner with online educators, and cellular service providers like vodacom to reach about 100,000 students at their homes. We will be providing teaching videos, notes, topic revisions as well as Questions and Answers sessions prepared by competent teachers.

Do you plan to implement this solution?

  • Yes

Describe the impact that this solution will create in the world.

Students catching up with studies throughout the COVID-19 school shutdown. Students whose parents, relatives or friends have smart devices will benefit from this solution. Those who won't be able to access our services at first glance will indirectly benefit from beneficiary students after schooling resume. The impact will start within one week of project launch to the end of COVID-19 and beyond. The program will be sustained to fill the gap of teachers' shortage in Tanzania schools.

What is the name of your business or organization?

Afrosoft Limited

What does your business/company do? Whose needs does your business/company address? Who do you serve?

Our company focuses on ICT, Agribusiness, Research, Capacity Building, Consultancy and Entrepreneurship. We work for clients who need to own websites, mobile applications and software. We help people start their companies here in Tanzania by supporting the Memorandums and Articles of Association write-ups. As farmers, we are feeding some people and have started consulting farmers on the farming best practices. Also, we are currently beating plastic pollution through serving different clients with our Nsheke Straws, the eco-friendly straws from the naturally growing grasses in Tanzania. Among other clients, we are proudly serving the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania -

What is your profession?

I am an Economist & Statistician with about 10 years of field research experience. Mahad Rwebangira is a Telecom Engineer & Senior Software Developer.

Where are you located (country)?


Where are you located (region)?

  • Eastern Africa

What industry is your business/company in?

  • Academia/Research
  • Agriculture/Farming
  • Business/Consulting
  • Communications/Visual Design
  • Education
  • Entrepreneur/Investor
  • Food Services
  • Technology

How many people does your business/company employ?

  • 0-10

How old is your business/company?

  • 2-5 years old

Which classification describes your organization/business?

  • Business

What kind of stakeholders and partnerships are needed to pursue this solution?

  • Funding- Grants
  • Funding- Investment
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- NGOs
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Private Sector
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Government

Do you need help building partnerships and finding partners?

  • Yes

If Yes to the above, please share 1-2 sentences describing the specific help you desire.

Students voting for specific teachers and topics to be given priority while running the program. Indeed partnering with all existing virtual tuition centers, learning systems and libraries in Tanzania.

What do you think are the main barriers to implementing this solution?

Internet Connection costs, and access to modern smart devices to some students may pose a significant challenge for implementing this solution. However, there have been cheap student internet bundles almost from every cellular service provider here in Tanzania including Vodacom, Tigo, Airtel and Halotel. And again, there have been promotional smart devices from the same providers. Therefore, there is still a hope that the solution can be implemented successfully - and upon bargaining, service providers may even find it profitable lowering the costs of internet bundles for learning dedicated sim cards and smart devices.

If you are currently working on a pivot, what have you learned so far?


Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your solution? Are you participating in these efforts?

There are many efforts for providing education online here in Tanzania, with whom we have started discussing the areas of cooperation. Some of the potential efforts include - tHL which owns all primary and secondary school notes and have started selling smart learning devices with built-in learning materials. Similarly, the Tanzanian government has recently started to broadcast subject revisions programs through some televisions and radio stations mainly focusing on our target exam candidates.

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