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Isolating Pods, UV Germs Scanner, Face protective Gel, Long-life Sanitized Pads & Sheets

Creating Long-Life services for masses to prevent future pandemic

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The covid-19 bug has raised question on the advancement of humans on this planet. The more advanced we are, the most uncertainty been placed by the Novel Corona. COVID-19 is basically a myth buster pandemic that is shaping the habitat of our entire planet. The risk has been identified as a global threat and our coalition to fight distinction is basically our approach to a world unification system where we share this planet with all its habitat rather than owning it. Countries, Communities and societies regardless of cast, creed and religion are Re-Shaping their Cultural, Religious & Social interactions in wake of COVID-19 –to make the place better for living. We still uncertain how the POST-COVID world will be? While the pandemic has not gained its peak and still infections are likely to be happen which will definitely raise the bar. We need to find solutions that may help immediately this pandemic situation and must plan for what a bug free tomorrow might be, as like Novel Corona Super Bugs are been predicted and are expected to infect our future.

Before Going ahead understanding our Response to COVID-19 which helped us identified problems and solved most of our community problems decreasing the risk of infection. A brief may be accessed HERE.

There are Many Ideas that happened to be affective in Natural Calamities, Disasters, War worsen places and COVID-19 apocalypse.  

  • Isolating Pods. (A Self Efficient Sustainable, Popup Micro-Camper where a family of 6 may live together for months)
  • A Portable Handy Device Micro Bacterial Scanner which scan and purify Air from Germs.
  • Gel Cream that creates a thin film when applied to the visible parts of body like hands face.
  • Long-Life Sanitized, Anti-septic & Dis infective Mats, Carpets, Wrappers, Wall Papers, Sheets , Plyes etc which may be used on Door, Walls, Furniture’s, Vehicles, Tools everywhere in Schools, Parks , Offices and Health care facilities.
  • Inclusion of disinfection sensors to the future cell phone. Future of Smart Phone.

In the COVID-19 social distance is implemented to reduce the risk of exposure to the Novel Corona. It is a helpful strategy but not a future. Prolong Isolation may have a very sychological affect upon us. We may suffer stress, depression and anxiety. We are basically stranded at our homes helpless and Jobless (Doing nothing) which will affect almost every aspect of our society. We need immediate shelters which are pre-designed for such scenario and from where we may operate many of our skills and business. These shelters must provide all of our needs and engage us with in-house activities like entertainment, infotainment Business, Games, Gym, education and many more which may impact a very positive and productive self-fulness rather than staying lazy desperate and uncertain.  We need to change this period of pandemic and uncertainty to a joyful well celebrated safe and quarantined yet united for a people of 6. Staying in a sustainable popup with all the needs and demands available Sanitized, Air Purified and bug free Camper. It will be a fun vacation for family and kids while providing various skill activities for the elders. Similarly we can create a series of Pods where people of the same family, Village or city live alongside. They are hence isolated yet together. Some of the basic feature may include:-

  • A Computer Operated Super Micro Pop up Camper, never seen before.
  •  Ability to compress to the lowest possible space and pop-ups to a most amazingly living space.
  • Specially designed for shelter cum entertainment.
  • Solar Power, Wind Power, Turbine Energy.
  • Entertainment, Internet and Gaming console
  • Easy to carry, Towed & moved.
  • Kitchenette, Shower range/ Suana & Micro Gym.
  • In-house surveillance & emergency kits, gadgets and tactical gears.
  • Water purification, Steam and heat systems and hot & cold storages.
  • Air Humidifier, Air Purifier and Self santizer.
  • Flexible to withstand outer pressure like a tree fall, collapse etc.
  • Structure/Design
  • I am fond of camping and have seen most of the camps, campers, popup and caravans. Many of them provide a great deal of facilities. What I have noted that most of these campers need to be towed by another vehicle while pop-up suitcase or box types do not provide such facilities to fascinate someone. My idea is Camper must be the smallest to carry, rough enough to withstand emergencies and provide full luxury of home outdoor and business to their owners. COVID-19 is a micro organism and thus I had given my pod the name MICROB. MICROBES may be designed in two categories.
  • MICROA is a Simple with limited feature for more people to use them.
  • MICROB is much flexible design with luxury.


For structure many shapes can be adopted. Pop-UP Boxed shape will be perfect to keep the microA simple, handy and light weight. For MicroB an expandable hexagonal pod is what I would like to be.


The Hexagonal design is a bee hive like structure, where hundreds of hexagonal tiles combines together creating a capsule type of camp.  Each Hexagonal tile is linked with a computer monitored expanding arms which helps them to compress and expands. Below are some pictures that may help defining the design.

An Ideation design of Pop UP Micro Pods.

         Pop up Expandable Micro POD        
               Extendable Hexagonal Tiles

            Compressible tiles
                Pop up Pods Village

Note: The above images are downloaded from Google just for information & Ideation.

The basic engineering skill is the skeletal design that compresses into single pieces which are easy to keep and carry and performing various options of expand, extend, rotates, slides, flippers and float into a very cute spherical shaped POD having all the necessities inside. The property of compression and expansion makes the skeleton flexible to observe, any unexpected shock which provided sufficient security in disasters and emergency. Each hexagonal tile is aircraft graded fabricated fiber glass included pre fixed wireless smart gadgets , Solar plated outside while sanitized inside resulting high efficiency and low weight. A detailed sketch, design and dimensions may be furnished upon request.


  • In COVID-19 Scenario, wearing face mask, Gloves, glasses and surgical heads are not a choice but an option to prevent major exposure to COVID-19 virus. We may bear some days or weeks to live such a life as the virus may still gain its peak and the infection bar may rise, Wearing Gloves and not touching face is not the answer to cope with. Some times on the surface of our gloves we have virus and unconsciously we may touch our face, rub our chin, cheek, nose or even eyes.  We need tools to destroy the Virus within our premises. Health Care facilities, Government buildings, corporate offices, Schools, Parks, Colleges, Churches, Cinemas and houses. There is a dire need for a device that should be added to our life style which may scan germs and disinfect them while the same time provide a Bio-chemical analysis of how many and which types of germs are present in a particular premises and how many are been disinfected. This device will not only kill the germs in our atmosphere but also provide a technical specification of provision of germs, bacteria and virus to which our health care providers may respond well on time. We don’t know in future how nasality of a virus will be? How they will be transmitted and which organs will be infected. We do not have any knowledge that the super bugs of the future will be Respiratory or they will infect skin. Will it be cholera, measles or something else? NO MORE virus is the only solution to preventive measures be adopted for a POST COVID-19 Scenario.
  • I am of the view that a Hand held portable or wall mounted (like Air freshener, purifiers) may be installed with UV scanners and electric disinfectors while at the same time IoT (internet of things) type of software May response all the technical messages to a cell phone.
  • These Smart Devices may also be installed in to a cell phone. Right now we are able to scan documents with our smart phones. The Future smart phones must have a Surface germ scanner and UV disinfector otherwise they will be another source of carrying COVID-19 types of super bugs. So resultantly we have a Smart Phone that can scan and disinfect any surface, a portable device and a wall mounted MICROBE which purify our air and surrounding where we live. We may also design a platic finger tip of touching and rubbing our face.
  • The Device may be designed for various uses, Wall Mount which purify Air and dis-infect the atmosphere. A Hand held (similar like the security man holding a metal detector) Scanner with a person who will scan each visitor and hence disinfect the clothes and wearable’s of the visitor. Like a Vacume cleaner a device which may clean the surface, tile, carpet and the furnishers etc by its UV rays.

    • Note: The above images are downloaded from Google just for information & Ideation.
    • The Pharmaceuticals industry are currently producing hand and face wash/ body gel and many other creams both for men & women making their skin clean, shiny and healthy. People are using a variety of brands that are creating makeup products. In aCOVID-19 Scenario and a Post COVID-19 when life is going to be change wearing Gloves, Face Mask, Goggles and washing hands frequently is not a choice neither it will be an option for POST COVID-19 Scenario. The Health Care Providers also warned that Covid-19 may be present on these plastic gloves and sometime we unconsciously touch our face, rub our eyes nose chin and chicks. It has been observed that those health care providers who are infected with COVID-19 are because of the plastic materials PPE that they used carried the virus.
    • My idea is to design a Chemical solution (dissolve) a cream or a Gel that when applied to hands and face creates a very thin clourless mask on face that actively protects the skin from Micro-predators. Applying plastic to hand, wearing face masks and goggles reduces the risk but it doesn’t provide sufficient security against the virus. We need a peace of mind solution that we may use like our ordinary lifestyle and doesn’t make our self congested like armored in a PPEs gears. Almost Every one among uses skin care products like cream, gel, oil to take care of their shapes. A Chemical solution of ingredients that result either a Cream or a Gel will be very much appealing for the public to be used and staying safe while remaining in crowds. This chemical solution may have the ability to disinfect the virus that comes on the surface. The product may be similar to sun shield creams that protects the skin from the sun and using such face cream are not irritating rather than it creates a fun to use for the end user. In Pharmaceutical industry PURE Glycirine Gel, Vaseline and many byproducts are widely used for skin care. Glycerine Gel in combination with aloevera are widely been used as hand sanitizer in Pakistan and it effectively provided protection which has been tested by the University of IIU Islamabad Professors. We could find such byproducts like Aloevera , Glycerine Vaseline and add on substances like Rose Essence and vitamin B which provides skin fairness and reduce aging. Similarly thick gel product may be produced for pretesting skin form virus having the ability of dis infection. As per WHO specification a 0.3 Micro Gram layer can prevent almost all the virus of the SRS Family including COVID-19. It is therefore necessary that the thin layer created by the cream/gel when applied to body must be thicker than 0.3 micro gram. The second important is the ability of the Cream/Gel to dilute active particles that are in air in are likely to be inhaled with nose. Therefore two international standards must meet the criteria of the Beauty/skin care product. It must be thicker than 0.3 micro gram with ability to dilute air particles. Ethanol and Detol are the best products available having the ability of dilution however daily use of ethanol may creat skin problems. In Pakistan the Health care providers have created homemade sanitized creams including Ethanol, Aloevera Gel, Glycerine, Rose essence and vitamin B. these products provides a prlong sanitization however its smell creates problem.

      • Note: The above images are downloaded from Google just for information & Ideation. 

      • In response to immediate precautionary measure to COVID-19 the health care providers have advised that COVID-19 may live on surfaces when an infected person touches it. Door bell, Door Handle, Elevator Switch, Desk/ table surface, side reeling, Vehicle door , Mobile, Pen , Laptop, tools and many utensils that may carry COVID-19 virus which upon intact may infect the person. Immediately we may not change all our wall decorations, Dorr handles, and Window shutters, Office and school furniture and all those things that may be the possible carrier /transmitter of COVID-19. Wearing Gloves and masks reduce the risk but a POST COVID-19 Scenario demands a viral free environment.
      • A variety of long time disinfective and sanitized Mates, sheets and wrappers are the good answer to kill the virus (as it falls) on spot before it is transmitted.  Wrapping our furniture, Desks, Tables, Sofa, Chairs, Door bell, Handles, Mates, carpets with a fluorescent colorless pre sanitized sheets may work to take ride of the COVID-19 well on time and on spot.   We can design sheets and rolls well on time and distribute to the locals for prompt installation in order to get rid of the COVID-19 infection and geoing back to school and work.

    •                                          Note: The above images are downloaded from Google just for information & Ideation.

      • The Future Smart Phone.
    • We have seen most advancement in Cell Phone technology Pre COVID-19 Scenario. Smart phones have adopted to help us in most of our communication, Business, Education and entertainment. Evolution in design and services addition is still on a rise. However the Post COVID-19 Cell phones must be a bit different in order to cope with such a like scenario.


      Smart phones are evolving day by day. More advancement and inclusion are been added and expectations from future smart phones are also been expected by the consumers. Below are some of the futuristic Add-ons that POSTCOVID-19 Smart Phones will have:-

      • A UV Germs scanner and disinfector.
      • It is a must tool for all the future Smart Phones. Health care providers have advised regarding use of Smart phone as it is the second great carrier of COVID-19 (the first one are bank notes). We have seen a lot of Cameras present. There must be a UV scanner and disinfector which may scan surface like hand, cloths etc and will disinfect the surface. A Small Bar on the back side creating UV rays may be present with an App to control analyze and reports.
      • Virus & Bug free body. Pre sanitized body and touch screen.
      • Definitely the Future smart Phones are Flexible. They may Extend, Expand, Slide, Compress, folds unfolds rotate or span depending upon the design, shape and space it takes when it is fold or unfold. There may be variety of Flexible Designs available to consumer.
      • People are curious about their health and the reason smart watch gain its reputation is that they provided wrist based health assessment. Future Smart Phones will have sensors which will check Blood pressure, Pulse rate, Body Temperature, Fluid intake, Glucose, Sensor to check Breath (*one smart watch today is seeking solution for inclusion of sensors to check and predict SARS related disease). Future smart phone will also create alerts to Family Doctor regarding the overall condition of user.
      • Another feature that consumers are expecting is a Diet Plan and nutrition information.
      • SOS and emergency applications will change the way it is. There may sensors connected to a MESH network of other Family Smart Phones generates alerts while the phone is lost or stolen, while there emergency, disaster or natural calamity or even the Mesh network will work when the Owner is kidnapped especially useful for children’s and women’s.
      • Future Smart Phones may have prolonged Battery Power with wireless charging and additional Option to share your Charge with another Phone. (Doesn’t it sound innovative?)
      • Future Smart phones may have the option to hibernate when not in use.
      • TB’s or Giga Bytes of space and cloud storage & syn must be present.
    • To summarize the above, Future smart Phone must bring add on Technology to cope with the needs of the consumers. A Bug Free Body, UV Virus scanner, UV surface disinfector, Able to share Battery power with another Smart Phone, Flexible design and Built is SOS option which may work without SIM. It must be a Health care partner and entertainer having a big size of space

What is the need are you focusing on?

The Products described are preventing the COVID-19 likely scenario in future. The Isolating Pods can be adopted by Hotel & tourism industry that can covert pandemics to vacations while normal life they may be used as Hotels.

The Inclusion of Scanner into Smart Phone are the innovative feature that Smart Phones may avail. The future of Smart Phone must consist Oximeter, Pulse reading as well as FAR UV Scanner. It will also boost the product sale.

The Gel Face protection will get rid of using Gloves and face mask makes life easier for people.

We need a Microbe Friendly environment and Sanitized sheets may work preventing Germs on surface like Door handle, Desk, Office furniture and Car handles atc.

These are simple steps to prepare for pandemics.

Which type of submission are you sharing?

  • Identifying a gap that needs to be addressed
  • Sharing a pivot idea your organization is considering or could consider

Describe the business pivot or adaptation in 3-4 sentences.

Since long I am working on Micro Pods. The Japanese have SOS Kits ready at their homes. The Israel have Isolated space at their home. We need to prepare these Micro Pods for tourism and Hotel industry that may be converted into shelter dring Natural Calamities, Disasters & war worse areas.

Do you plan to implement this solution?

  • Yes

Describe the impact that this solution will create in the world.

Micro Pods are the RVS , Tourism and Recreational space. These pods may be converted immediately into shelter in case of any emergency. The GEL Face protection relates to cosmetic industry and will get rid of the current scenario like using PPEs. The Scanner added to Future Smart Phone are ideal. The sanitized wrappers reduce the risk of micro bacterial and viral infections in a workplace

What is the name of your business or organization?

I am Ziaullah Khan, CO-BPS16 assisting District Administration in the current COVID-10 Pandemic. My role is to identify Patients, Make strategy for isolation and Quarantine, Prepare reports and adhere WHO timely capacity building courses.

What does your business/company do? Whose needs does your business/company address? Who do you serve?

I am related to District Government implementing Policy on grass root level.

What is your profession?

CO-BPS as Office Assistant in the Office of the Assistant Commissioner BAbuzai district Swat, KPK Pakistan

Where are you located (country)?


Where are you located (region)?

  • South-eastern Asia

What industry is your business/company in?

  • Activist/Community Leader/Organizer
  • Entrepreneur/Investor
  • Law Political Science/Governance
  • Social Work

How many people does your business/company employ?

  • 0-10

How old is your business/company?

  • Less than 1 year old

Which classification describes your organization/business?

  • Government

What kind of stakeholders and partnerships are needed to pursue this solution?

  • Funding- Grants
  • Funding- Investment
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- NGOs
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Government

Do you need help building partnerships and finding partners?

  • Yes

If Yes to the above, please share 1-2 sentences describing the specific help you desire.

I need a team of professionals to start manufacturing the above mentioned designed devices

What do you think are the main barriers to implementing this solution?

I have lack of resources.

If you are currently working on a pivot, what have you learned so far?

Since long I am working on various projects. Provision of resources and a well professional team leads to the world most innovative outcome.

Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your solution? Are you participating in these efforts?

I had placed the idea in some of the Crowd Sourcing Campaigns and awaiting the response


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