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Intubation Protection Shield

This product dramatically reduces the risk of infection between the patient and the healthcare workers in a vital close proximity process.

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This protective shield has been designed to be made very simply and cheaply with minimal production processes and materials. It is being used in ICU's and ambulances where doctors or paramedics need to perform an intubation or extubation process. The later being a particularly dangerous one in COVID times as the patient normally comes round and coughs. Doctors and paramedics have to stand directly over the patient to perform this process correctly and that places them in high risk of a viral transfer.

What is the need are you focusing on?

The need this intubation shield provides, is that of protecting the healthcare worker from airborne transmission of COVID 19.

Which type of submission are you sharing?

  • Sharing an actual pivot your organization has already made

Describe the business pivot or adaptation in 3-4 sentences.

Our business works with global brands and retailers to develop strategies and campaigns on how to grow their brands in physical retail. In SA that service extends to the manufacture of displays and total environments for retail stores. With a lockdown in place, we were forced to close our large SA production facilities but when we designed this, in collaboration with Dr. Stuart Kidgell from Lake Smit and Partners - a leading SA medical practise, we were awarded an essential services certificate and allowed to reopen to manufacture these instead. We have all the production processes and trained staff in house and have been rolling these out for ICU's and ambulances.. From idea, through prototype to production took only three days and now a large line is running full time churning these and other ideas out.

Do you plan to implement this solution?

  • Yes

Describe the impact that this solution will create in the world.

This will have and immediate and positive impact for the people of the frontline of COVID 19 - the healthcare workers. It will drastically reduce the risk of infection for these hero's and in turn keep them fulfilling such a vital need that in turn benefits any community in which they are operating. The number of people that could benefit from this could be millions if this was implemented globally. The time line for impact is almost immediate . We went from idea to prototype, to production and then in use within 3 days.

What is the name of your business or organization?


What does your business/company do? Whose needs does your business/company address? Who do you serve? We are a "Retail Experiences" company. We work with brands and retailers to help drive engagement and sales of products within the physical retail space. We have offices in Africa, the US, Canada and the UK. We address the needs of retailers for better looking stores and experiences for their shoppers and we address the needs of global brands on how they "show up" in physical retail. We work with many of the worlds leading global brands, P&G, Unilever, Coca Cola, ABinBEV, Colgate, Biersdorf to name a few.

What is your profession?

Group Creative Director

Where are you located (country)?

South Africa, US, Canada, UK.

Where are you located (region)?

  • Southern Africa

What industry is your business/company in?

  • Communications/Visual Design
  • Designer(UX/CX/Design Research)
  • Manufacturing

How many people does your business/company employ?

  • 250+

How old is your business/company?

  • 10 or more years old

Which classification describes your organization/business?

  • Business

What kind of stakeholders and partnerships are needed to pursue this solution?

  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Private Sector
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Government

Do you need help building partnerships and finding partners?

  • Yes

If Yes to the above, please share 1-2 sentences describing the specific help you desire.

A connection to organisations or businesses that would require this product.

What do you think are the main barriers to implementing this solution?

Very little actually. It's almost a no-brainer. Once you've seen it, you ask "how could we do our job in these times without it?". Potentially, if the product were deemed "medical equipment" it may have to go through a certification process and that may take some time but in these current times, we collaborated with a local Medical practise - Lake Smith and Partners, and they guided the criteria that the box would need to help protect them and their patients.

If you are currently working on a pivot, what have you learned so far?

Never stop thinking of new applications for the products and never stop thinking of new ideas for the COVID pandemic. Keep your staff safe and protected (both physically and emotionally) when they are working on making these products as they are performing a vital role. Pop in and see them as much as you can, take pick me up meals and treats, chat, share some of the great stories their work is generating. Recognise these staff in design, engineering and production and call them out as the hero's they are.

Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your solution? Are you participating in these efforts?


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Thanks Ian Gourley for sharing your pivot. Are there future needs or areas you are seeing your business addressing in the long run?

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Hi Isaac - absolutely. I think we are at a juncture where everything is up to be re-imagined and we are currently manufacturing other ideas that we've had that will make retail spaces, banking & education safer for us all.

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