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Idea of Making Sterilized mask which can kill virus.

Social service for poor illiterate backward class people.

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I am Khunza Asma a Homeopathic Doctor from India doing my MSc Medical Psychology from Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research. The ongoing current situation of COVID-19 and its fast spreading globally makes me think about Herbal Sterilized Mask to be used globally by all, As the common surgical mask does not give complete protection as we have seen the health care professionals after full protection are infected, My Idea is to make a Mask which is capable of killing virus before the virus enters our nasal cavity, like from infected patient the virus attacks healthy person through air, the sterilized mask should be capable of killing virus so that the spread of disease can be controlled. Such Sterilized Mask to be used by everyone and specially poor people from backward class who cannot effort purchasing mask, As mask is made as mandatory these days,we can make and sell in affordable price and even such mask protects and saves many people's lives. As we all are aware that from now every man on earth should wear mask and it is going to become like regular using product. Why don't we start making herbal sterilized mask instead of normal mask. Hope your can start taking this initiative and work saving many lives. Herbal Sterilized Mask if made can be protective 100%.

Please ignore if you find my idea useless.

What is the need are you focusing on?

My focus is on making mask which can be affordable,low in cost, which has the capability to kill virus or bacteria when it comes in contact with a person and give 100% protection. Not everyone can purchase on regular basis N95 mask and surgical mask which can protect from virus 95%. We need to make mask benefit for everyone and should be easily available for all classes of people.

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The organizations who are in service of making mask for people should bring innovation in structure of mask and should think of making mask in such a way that it has a capacity to kill virus with in a minute before it try to reach nose or mouth. The sterilized way of making mask which external exposed area of mask should kill virus and the internal side of mask which comes in contact with skin should not harm our skin. Such mask will help everyone to use on regular basis without getting worried about exposure to virus through air.

Do you plan to implement this solution?

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Describe the impact that this solution will create in the world.

Everyone can live without fear and social distancing, can live a free life without panicking or thinking of getting exposed to virus. Through such sterilized mask people can move freely and can do their work without fear as they knew it that even if they come in contact with virus they are protected and save..

What is your profession?

I am a Homeopathic Doctor and doing my Master's in Medical Psychology

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Where are you located (region)?

  • Southern Asia


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Welcome to the challenge Khunza Asma . Thanks for sharing your idea. As you are thinking about partnering with an implementing organization, are there any organizations thats so far come to mind that you might talk to?

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Thank you so much sir.
No, I have no idea about any organizations.