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Enabling community access health services without neccesarily moving

We want people to access health consultations, medications , sepcialist services, without having to move so as to make social distance real.

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Iin the wake of of COVID -19, we have realized that our insurance members and those who are sick are afraid to access health services, those with pre exixsting conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma are so much worried. We have thought of developing an application that will link available doctors to clients, available medications through pharmacies and hospitals as well as seeking availabilty of sepcialist services so that clients wont have to move from one place to another. And finaly we want to allow our members to que online not inline thus allowing them to appear at the hospital only when they are almost  to be attended thus reducing the contact time.

What is the need are you focusing on?

We are focusing on the immediate need to access health services without ncessarily having to go to the hospital , pharmacy etc. We are concerned that the most vulnerable, the old, the sick, the pregnant are spending alot of their time at the hospital awaiting services and therefore exposing them to risks of covid -19

Which type of submission are you sharing?

  • Identifying a gap that needs to be addressed

Describe the business pivot or adaptation in 3-4 sentences.

We are an insurance outfit, with a panal of health providers and exisitng members, we are pivoting on this to ensure that we come up with a mobile app using android and USSD to bring closer services to members. We have packaged our services into the digital app including but not limited to, conslutation to doctors , medication ordering, access to specialists online before trying to chance on them in a particular facility, online que, online payments for services, locating availability of ambulance ("UberHealth"). This are menat to ensure that patients who are most vurnerable can keep social distance, reduce movement, reduce risk of infections and can access services faster and more effeciently.

Do you plan to implement this solution?

  • Yes

Describe the impact that this solution will create in the world.

We are moving 50% medical care from physical rooms to digital rooms, 45% of people do not need to go the hospital to get drugs , during this hard times if we can keep the 45% at home that would be very good. We are seeking to impact the low income earners, the old , the sick who might need to use this services regulary to keep healthy and safe. we will put the 10,000 members we already have into the platform and get an uptake of 40%, and we anticipate that we will have new members who are not our insurance members coming onboard via the platform. Our timelines are between May and June we will have completed the application and start on boarding clients from July.

What is the name of your business or organization?

Micro Health Initiative

What does your business/company do? Whose needs does your business/company address? Who do you serve?

We serve low and middle level income earners with affordable insurance products, we help hospitals computerize their services. On the isnurance end we have products ranging from $5 to $50 with different offerings. We have relationships with private hospitals where members who subscribe to our products are treated on credit and we pay later. We have developed a complete electronic medical records systems that manages hospitals in Tanzania , hospitals subscribe to use the system on rental basis.

What is your profession?

I have studied business administration and Information systems.

Where are you located (country)?


Where are you located (region)?

  • Eastern Africa

What industry is your business/company in?

  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Technology
  • Micro Insurance

How many people does your business/company employ?

  • 11-49

How old is your business/company?

  • 5-10 years old

Which classification describes your organization/business?

  • Nonprofit/NGO

What kind of stakeholders and partnerships are needed to pursue this solution?

  • Funding- Grants
  • Funding- Loans
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- NGOs
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Government

Do you need help building partnerships and finding partners?

  • Yes

If Yes to the above, please share 1-2 sentences describing the specific help you desire.

We need to clearly articulate what partnerships we need and how partners can help us grow, we are specifically interested in International support in regard to software development, needs and analysis and API development. But we are also interested specifically in big data concept.

What do you think are the main barriers to implementing this solution?

Funding: we need close to $15000 to rollout the development and concept to the larger community. Needs analysis: we need to research further to know more features that are required by both service providers and clients

If you are currently working on a pivot, what have you learned so far?

The community is eager to try novell solutions that are aimed at reduicng stress in accessing health care The is so much to be done on all ends, though we are so much constrained on maybe one end of the solution, we need to invest large in ensuring that we address the entire ecosystem of solutions. Insurance needs to go beyond premium and services on credit, alot needs to come on board to provide clients with value adds, such as the app we are trying to build.

Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your solution? Are you participating in these efforts?

Yes, we are aware of similar efforts but in different scales, we are participating with one that ensures that clients can call in to access consultaion via telephone. We arent participation in nay hackathon at the moment

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