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Answering all three areas with a single solution: Reconomy.

A comprehensive yet simple upgrade to the global economy to make it work for everyone everywhere, leaving no one behind.

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A full description of the fundamental economic upgrade called reconomy is in the public domain at, and is described in a ten-minute read at, including the fundamental problem and the general solution, and what has been tried and failed and why, and what has been tried and succeeded and why.

What is the need are you focusing on?

What's needed is new kind of money that works right beside the old kind, but empowers and rewards viruous circuits of local production and consumption in every local community, such that the money circulates continuously forever, producing a sustainable supply chain for the global marketplace while empowering communities to care for the people around the them and the ground beneath their feet.

Which type of submission are you sharing?

  • Sharing an actual pivot your organization has already made

Describe the business pivot or adaptation in 3-4 sentences.

We are implementing an art contest for kids, rewarding the best design of a local money note each week, and inviting schools to apply to be funded to implement a money system in their own classrooms for the local community they serve.

Do you plan to implement this solution?

  • Yes

Describe the impact that this solution will create in the world.

This is a pilot program to showcase the ability of individuals and small groups to back local Reconomy systems with relatively few personal resources, and draw attention to the broader implementation tactics available to larger and more affluent organizations, such as town, states and nations.

What is the name of your business or organization?


What does your business/company do? Whose needs does your business/company address? Who do you serve?

It's an organization, not a business, engaged in refining and sharing this strategy, and networking philanthropic support for implementation.

What is your profession?


Where are you located (country)?

Costa Rica

Where are you located (region)?

  • Latin America and the Caribbean

What industry is your business/company in?

  • It's not a business

What kind of stakeholders and partnerships are needed to pursue this solution?

  • Funding- Grants
  • Funding- Loans
  • Funding- Investment
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- NGOs
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Private Sector
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Government
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Civil Society Groups
  • Stakeholders/Partnerships- Grassroots/Community Groups
  • anyone who drank the lily-flavored kool aid

Do you need help building partnerships and finding partners?

  • Yes

If Yes to the above, please share 1-2 sentences describing the specific help you desire.

If anyone there is interested in being part a solution that does not aim for their own independent wealth, then they may be be able to work with the small core group; otherwise they may want free consulting from the core group.

What do you think are the main barriers to implementing this solution?

The economy we have rewards us for practicing indifference to the suffering of others.

If you are currently working on a pivot, what have you learned so far?

Are you aware of any open source efforts, hackathons or other collaborative efforts related to your solution? Are you participating in these efforts?

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Welcome to the challenge Kevin Parcell and thanks for sharing your idea. Could you share more on what the progress has been and the current roadblock.

Photo of Kevin Parcell

I've provided a lot of info at the links. Please tell me what you are missing.