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Using art, architecture and culture to fight off crime

By creating infrastructure, architecture, and community programs, the government hoped to bring opportunity to the lower classes (to repay a historical social debt of inequity), improve the quality of life for all, and draw business and tourism.

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I was inspired with this particular story because Medellin once was the capital of crime and drugs. Being the home to the famous Pablo Escobar, it was a city known for it crimes. But now with the introduction of art in places where poverty was the worse, the city has seen changes not only in crime but also in city pride.


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The author Jane Jacobs once wrote a book call "The Life and Death of Great American Cities". This book explains how to build architecture, art, and culture can lead to an improved quality of life for everyone involved. The more eyes on the street the safer the street. The safer the streets the more people who will be walking around.

Philadelphia has tried to do this in the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, one of the biggest city wide mural programs in the world. I really suggest anyone interested in this read Jane Jacobs revolutionary book.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I will most definitely check it out... It does make me think about pop culture and how it has influenced our society, values, etc. But I do agree that arts can act as great motivator for pride.

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