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Tidy Street: Changing Neighbors' Behaviors through Voluntary Monitoring and Public Infographics

Residents along Tidy Street (Brighton, UK) in collaboration with a graffiti artist, produced street art each day indicating their electricity usage from the prior 24 hours, allowing them and passersby to reflect upon (and change!) their consumption.

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Tidy Street is a great example in this context, because it connects a local community around an envirionmental issue that they can directly influence and can get direct feedback as an incentive.

This project appears in the great film Urbanized by Gary Hustwit, and was already mentioned in an earlier challenge on OpenIDEO, so I do not copy all the information but only the link here. (It was originally posted by LaTeisha).

There was also an article in the Guardian that can be found here.


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"Urbanized" is a great source of inspiration, specially for this challenge.

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