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The Fun Theory

A smile, a laugh, or even a smirk of amusement breaks the monotony, routine and sheer mundane-ness of everyday life. We easily recall such times with fondness and laugh about it later. What better build a community than collective experience?

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Good times. 

We easily recall such moments with affection and its effects on us are visceral. Fun and enjoyment play on our sense of humour and bring out the child in us.

To create a community means to create a common set of experiences, for it is that that binds people to one another. Humour is a way to create that experience. It's hard to come by in a fast-paced straight-laced city, where our lives are tied up with the hustle and bustle of everyday chores and our duties and responsibilities tie us down to reality a little too much. 

The moment that humour is able to effortlessly integrate itself into the landscape; a funny looking structure, a curious installation, an amusing advertisement or poster- that moment, we forget our burdens. And we laugh. 

We gather around afterwards to talk about it, and good times are created.


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Great inspiration! I was going to post something about this! I particularly like the "The world's deepest bin":

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