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The Amazings

The Amazings is a platform connecting between older people who wants to share their wisdom, skills and life experience, and younger ones, who would like to learn from them.

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An interesting project by Sidekick Studios from London. Research on a project focusing on older people led them to surprising findings.

"As we began speaking to older people, we realized that whilst there were some who required care, the Baby Boom generation retiring today were deeply uncomfortable with the idea of being looked after. They wanted us to focus on what they can do, not what they can't do. Not least because they have assets which most people don't. Wisdom. Skills. Experience. Our flipped idea was that instead of society providing services to older people, older people should be providing services to society."

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The Amazings is a platform connecting between older people who want to share their wisdom and skills, and younger ones who would like to learn from them. There is some small fee that each young participant pays and 70% of it goes to the Amazing - an over 50 tutor. So instead of helping the elderly this platform enables them to earn some money while actually serving the community.

I think this project also goes back to the old traditional communities model, where it was natural for youngsters to learn from elderly. Nowadays we tend to forget about it and feel we know better (because we understand more about modern technology etc.) but maybe it's worth to look back at this model


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