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Talk to the Dogs--Creating Community From the Ground Up

If you could ask city dogs what it's like to live in the concrete jungle, what would they say? Inspired by the diversity of people and dogs in my Brooklyn park, I began asking strangers to adopt their dog's perspective and tell me about their lives.

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The video here is part of a project I started back in NYC called Doggycorps.

Since beginning the interviews, I've stopped being amazed at how quickly and easily complete strangers will open up when asked about their pet. One moment, you're introducing yourself in the middle of a noisy dog park, the next you're holding back tears as a blind man describes what it's like to be the guide dog for a man who lost his vision in 9/11...He's in the middle of his story, I'm holding a microphone that he cannot see, and gently reminding him to use the first person--not the third--until something switches and we're both lost in a whole new world.

Just like that, the streets, sounds and smells around you change texture. You start to see the environment for what it is and appreciate the connections between man and dog, and two new friends.


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Congrats on this post being today's onsite Featured Inspiration!

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So great! I'd love to see people building off of this and doing interviews in their own neighborhoods!

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