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Sunday Supper

Remixing the classic dinner party in order to build and strengthen community, raise awareness on local issues, and develop new and lasting partnerships.

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A "Sunday Supper" is when groups of friends get together and have dinner...on Sundays. Mind-blowing, I know. My small group of friends and I have been having "Sunday Supper" off and on, for the last year or so. We use this time to stay current with each other's lives and in a sense, tighten the bonds that made us all friends to begin with. Each member of our group takes turns hosting dinners and choosing a theme for the evening.  Our themes have ranged from potluck style Korean street food to hosted dinners involving large pots full of Brazilian Feijoada.  I'm sure many people participate in the same activity with their groups of friends.  It's a great time where people can share conversations over plates of food, glasses of wine and, of course, good background music.

This new concept of "Sunday Supper" hopes to remix this traditional, usually exclusive, dinner party into an event that strives to develop community ownership through collaborative discussion and the greater inclusion of community members.

These events still start from core groups of friends, but the difference is that each member of the group is required to bring along another friend (from outside of the core) to dinner. This could be a flatmate, neighbor, co-worker, or potential partner...anyone (permission from host would be necessary of course). The night would progress as any normal dinner party would, however the difference would be that the hosts would facilitate community conversations. These conversations could be conducted in freestyle fashion, however I envision the creation of a website that would generate discussion starters for parties to work through together.  

It is the hope of this project that through these gatherings, everyday community issues can be broken down, debated, discussed, deconstructed and reconstructed.  From these discussions acting as an ignition, community involvement and action could start firing off. This process and the details of these collaborative discussions can be shared and uploaded for other "Sunday Supper" members to view and perhaps implement in their neighborhoods and communities.

The ultimate goal of this project would be for these events to branch off with attendees of one "Sunday Supper" striking out and hosting their own parties.  This is all in the hopes of promoting greater ownership by community members to act as stakeholders in the issues that involve them, their families and their neighbors. 


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Way to go, Eugene! We did something like this between a group of friends when I lived in Hong Kong – and I loved it. Will be interesting to think in the upcoming Concepting phase how great ideas like this might be used to inspire others how they might be scaled (e.g. a website where folks could share photos of their Sunday Suppers and guidelines for others to set up their own?) Looking forward to seeing what directions folks might take your fab Inspiration in the Concepting phase!

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