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Sunday Streets in San Francisco

By closing off stretches of a neighborhood's streets on Sunday, the City of SF creates space to celebrate local flavor. Pedestrians & bicycles roam free, and nearby businesses and organizations coordinate activities along the car-free streets.

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Sunday Streets gives San Franciscans a chance to explore and appreciate new neighborhoods. In a densely populated city, it's a chance for families to let their kids bike on wide roads. Activities along the 10-12 block routes are neighborhood specific: Sometimes the police force will set up a demonstration, or a group of auto aficionados will designate an alley for a display. Street food vendors set up shop and businesses bring their goods outside for the day. It gives each neighborhood the chance to show itself at its best. 

San Francisco's Sunday Streets is proof that it's scalable: it orginiated in Bogota, Colombia as Ciclovia, a day to promote free health- and community-oriented events. 


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Lindsey, I think your inspiration is really great. Nowadays lots of people feel stuck in their daily routine, with almost no chance to take a breather. And Sunday Streets gives an opportunity to escape from it. I think such ideas should be brought to life, along with the flash mobs for example :)

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That is a great idea. In Chicago we are stuck. The city sold all of our parking meters to a 3rd party company. Every time the City closes a street for a fair, market or repairs, they ( we) have to pay that company for each meter that was blocked. I heard some festivals cost the city $60K in meter payments. Your idea is much needed.

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i don't understand how these elements of the public space are being sold off. We're put into this weird position where we're forced to buy the space back. Bah

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Great inspiration! Sunday Streets is a great way for people to break out of their regular routine, connect with new people, and open themselves up to new possibilities.

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Sunday Streets is such a fun event! Great way to connect with other neighborhoods and just see whats going on around the city.

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Congrats on this post being today's onsite Featured Inspiration!

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Nice one, Lindsey. And I especially like that it not only connects folks in a particular neighbourhood but also attracts others to come and check them out.

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Love this kind of events. There is something special about neighbourhood events that makes you feel so much more engaged than other events.