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Slí na Sláinte — Path of health

Paths of Health is an initiative that started on Ireland in 1995. Their aim was to influence more people taking up low-impact exercise. To increase average health levels in their population and to prevent cardio-vascular diseases.

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Paths of health now exists in many Irish, German, Scandinavian, Italian, Dutch, Canadian cities.

On Ireland there are over 190 paths sponsored by "Irish Heart Foundation"
In Sweden there are 110 official paths Sponsored by "Heart- and Lung-diseases association"
Some Swedish maps online

Sign posts are placed every 1.000 meters in parks and in other promenades, so that exercisers can see how far they walked or ran or biked, no matter where they started and finished on the path.
So that increases options for people to come and go as they please, and participate at their own rate and distance.

There are also options on these web pages to create your own calendar and diary, to keep track of your distances and progress on speed.

There will be lots of options on making interaction possible with others… I got some ideas for the concepting phase, let me know if you want to join the "virtual team"! I will appreciate all input/feedback/ideas, no matter how silly they are :) hehe


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How do you encourage users of the path to interact with each other and promote to others? Check-ins through social media? Photo scavenger hunts?

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I got some ideas for that, in the later stages of this challenge. This is only inspirational phase, next stage is concepting, so, could you return, and add those ideas later on, when it is time for development of concepting and project proposals ? I will really appreciate your help and ideas.

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Joel, if you have some time, would you read this concept proposal, and add your feedback/details/ideas to it in the comments there?

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Photo scavenger hunts:

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