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Public spaces run and owned by the local community

Myatts Fields in south London is a great example of what can be achieved by local people when they're given a stake in their local community and empowered to create ideas and drive change.

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Myatts Fields in south London is a relatively small park, with a big impact. Hidden down some back streets, its one of the best looked after parks in London and is the home of numerous community-run initiatives - including free cooking classes, community groups, day care, retired people's meet up groups, supporting local social enterprises and much much more. The local community firmly believe that a park can not only be a place to play and relax, but also improve peoples health and happiness.

Compared to most UK parks, its a breath of fresh air. Where other parks are dominated by unruly youths and poor maintenance, Myatts Fields is cherished and looked after by local residents - who have been the architects of its success. 

The main reason its so different is that the community are responsible for running and maintaining the park. A great testament to what can be achieved by a local community when empowered to make a difference. 


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Love this! So often I've walked by undeveloped lots in neighborhoods and wondered who you'd have to talk to for something like this to be possible. Very inspiring!

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