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Public Spaces

The best place to inspire are within the common spaces. Loosening regulation surrounding our public spaces would allow people understand that they are able to shape the streets they live on.

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In many places we have very powerful government bodies and institutions, ones that we can be extremely thankful for. But I think that this also disconnects us from being a part of being social responsible and acting as a community to embetter our common environments and spaces. I believe that human beings are political beings, though not in the sense of activism or bureaucracy, but rather as beings which organize ourselves socially.

I think that the best place to begin the shift towards understanding this again is in the spaces we share. I beleive that this should start on the streets, in the squares, in the parks, and in all those spaces that we share as a city, but which can also be so strictly regulated to protect a standard in our public property. I think that many of the inspirations already shared touch on this, like Spacehive or street art. There can be many more initiatives which allow us to realize our public space, our streets, and by doing so open up the possibility for everyone to realize the many possibilities that there are. We care about our environment, maybe this generation more than any previous one. I beleive many of us are frustrated by the lack of legitimate opportunities to act on this care.


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