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Neighbourhood Walking

Heart&Stroke Walkabout helps bringing the benefits of walking to our neighbourhoods. A walkable community is a safe, practical physical environment and supportive social environment that enables people to walk for transportation or learn and play

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What is Walkabout?

HRM is partnering with Heart&Stroke Walkabout to help bring the benefits of walking to our neighbourhoods. Walkabout aims to help all Nova Scotians discover the benefits of walking within their communities. Their vision is to create and sustain a revitalized culture of walking in Nova Scotia. This comprehensive program includes a media campaign, contests, support for walking groups and walk-friendly workplaces, access to pedometers, and an interactive website to help you discover it all.

Neighbourhood walking is made easier with walking groups. Walking groups can be formal, or informal like a group of friends who agree to walk together and motivate each other while exploring HRM. Some walk outdoors, others indoors or both. Some don’t even all walk together but still motivate and challenge each other using the Walkabout website. All walking groups can help create healthy neighbours and healthy neighbourhoods!

Why Walking?

  • Walking connects you to your community; the people in it, as well as the natural and built environments.
  • Walking builds stronger neighbourhoods. More people walking in a community will make it safer from traffic, safer from crime, and more socially tight-knit.
  • Walking can be a wonderful social or independent activity.
  • Walking is accessible and inexpensive.
  • Walking is an all-weather and year-round activity, and it requires minimal organization.
  • The more people walk, the less pollution and traffic is imposed on the places where we live, work, visit and play.
  • Walking is a step in the right direction! Regular walking paired with healthy eating helps treat and protect against heart disease, depression, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other diseases. It improves energy levels, brainpower and general well-being!

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