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I have created and started a webcast local TV station, on a lowbudget, piggybacking on youtube-technology, modelled after Public Broadcasting Service Non-commercial standards for all citizens to use and utilize.

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Written by are a local station, that have a vision to broadcast citizens own videos and short films. Open to citizens of all ages, it just needs to be filmed in the county, or be filmed by a resident in the county. And needs to have some sort of general interest for people living here.

All non profit org's are invited, including sports clubs, noncommercial associations, youth centers, performing artists, artisans, crafts people, special interest groups and environmental org's and so on…

The TV station is not meant to create any own programming, only facilitiate the window, for any citizen to use and exploit, in all the ways that can be saved in the shape as a youtube-clip.

The citizens and organisations themself can film and present anything that they want to show to the general public. (The TV station will volunteer with mentoring and technical support for all that wish to learn more, a facebook-group is initiated to create dialog between interested people, to match up available cameras with interested people that lack equipment.)

The local council can broadcast their public service announcements, ( and even make open calls for interested volunteers to create new public service announcements. So the local council will save money and not have to buy these videos from advertising agencies in the capital, far away, and make it locally.)

The big advantage of youtube is that the videos can be seen by the whole world. The big downside of youtube is the amount of videos on youtube, so the films and clips that are of a local interest, will not so easily be able to be found by the people living in the region. The gems and nuggets of the people that they know will be lost in the huge stream of videos from other side of the world.

TV Tierp is meant to be that little local home-grown window, with only local/regional content, for the citizens, and as well as tourist information for those that wish to learn a bit about the local events and planned arrangements…


…a local choir can create a video to search for new members. A football club can create a video interviewing the coach in the week before home games, to create larger interest and a larger crowd coming to the arena on the sunday. Musicians, dancers, standupcomedians, rappers, poetry slammers and so on can show their skills, talent and creativity to a larger audience, searching for collaborators…

Letting youths and elderly say their meaning about the local politics, infusing and instilling a slightly higher sence of participation and democracy in marginalized demographic groups. Working in this way in creative spontaneous collaboration between all housing areas, against racism, discrimination, crime, vandalism and inequality.

From the community to the community — to all in the community!

One idea I have for further development is to franchise the model, to find volunteers in many cities around European Union or worldwide to set up their local station. That way we could exchange programs between cities, discuss media and content. Create friendships, work on larger scale against racism, discrimination and inequality.
That way it will be possible to seek funding, sponsorship from EU. (because there will be no commercial advertising or product placement on the station)

Total cost so far for this station: 25€
(No equipment will be bought, and no studios will be needed, all videos will be filmed on site)

Other potential spinoffs:
Potential is here to organize regional photo competitions, communicating and coordinating informal exercise groups and communal bike trips (see other inspiration on ImprovEverywhere or Sli na Slainte) video-blogging, or spreading opinion on local political affairs.
Possibly someone will be able to start their own media company based upon experience they will get from this station…
Local film festivals are possible to create… (with different themes)


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