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Leverage the local Chamber of Commerce

Local businesses in La Grange, IL host a Halloween walk, a holiday lights festival, choose a summer visual theme, and host summer street parties, earning it the title "best transit suburb".

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Local businesses have a lot to gain from a positive local environment.  The cleaner, greener, and quieter a city is, the more people will vist, or walk around and spend money locally.  The challenges for chambers of commerce are probably:
  1. Agreeing on a local theme
  2. Agreeing to spend money collectively

Maybe a government grant for a community improvement like a local flower garden or other beautification project can be made, contingent on the formation of a Chamber of Commerce with dues, a plan, and bylaws. Local groups may lack examples of good organization so the National Environment Agency could even provide a sample set of bylaws and plan in their grant application.

Holding competitions, like we have in Chicagoland, to compare the different communities could also foster enough town rivalry to encourage sustained activity. Annual meetings hosted by the National Environment Agency, or other forums for exchange of best practice ideas, would both bring business leaders from distant towns together and help all of the communities find out which actions are working and which are not.

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Great to hear about how communities are connecting in your corner of the world, Tanya!