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Improv Everywhere — collaborative performances is basically organising and choreographing flashmobs and official performances on streets and city parks and public transport, with only one big goal : to make people smile (on their way to work)

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A small or large group of creative people initiated frequent events, using only phones to collaborate and synchronise their plans.
Any group could in their city plan and create similar performances, according to their own ideas, talents, interests, like dance, music, sports…
…and they make Quick random low-budget appearances in different public places, and just try to put smiles on the faces of all the people passing by…

The business model and infrastructure is simple: A few volunteers gather and write ideas/script/choreograph performances according to their local tradition or borrow inspiration from other nations culture. This can be done in someones home, or a café(sponsor opportunity?) or even online/skype/chatroom.

Use mobile phones to communicate and spread rumour about what time and place they will appear in a street or city square. And then mp3players and phones are used to synchronize the participants…

…try to set up small groups that makes it easy to choreograph events together with local people that have good understanding of local customs, and know how to find good venues and lots of volunteers…
attempt to make sceneries that can include passersby in the fun, with simple things such as "high-fives" and similar, that take no or little skill / courage to participate in the fun… (for inspiration see the videos above)

Potential to get sponsors from local businesses and organisations, that would like to have these flashmobs visiting on a regular basis to increase a stream of curious customers to their shopping mall etc.

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Nice one. And just as Improv Everywhere is a global symbol of New York cool (I tend to think they mainly operate in NY), a similar group could become a great marketing tool for Singapore.