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Getting developers and local people to work together shape their communities for the better

Popularise is an online crowd sourcing platform that enables positive interactions between 'real estate developers' and the local community, leading to better local development outcomes.

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All to often developers and residents are at odds with one another.  

Wouldn't it be refreshing if instead of each party proclaiming that only they know what's best and have the community's best interests at heart, they listened to one another and started working together to improve the planning and design of potential local development projects.  

Popularise is a platform that lets local communities bring their knowledge, ideas, and support to help actively shape projects in their city AND enables builders to gather feedback and gauge popular demand. 

How might we encourage more positive and generative interactions between developers and the local community so that everybody wins?


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This is super cool, Philip! My first thought in poking around the website was how fantastic it would be in tandem with upcoming elections. With the many development asks on the ballot, I'd love to see something visual and community-oriented like this to help decide my vote. Thanks for sharing!

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