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Findery - Crowdsourcing the urban space

Findery lets you take photos and notes from specific locations and tag them on a map anywhere in the world for other people to see and discover. It also allows users to create notes and place them geographically.

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Emerging maps and apps are catalyzing new social behaviour for city dwellers.  Unlike traditional maps, these tools help one navigate the city with deeper purpose, even if that quest is guided by serendipity and storytelling. Findery,  the new app from Flickr and Hunch co-founder Caterina Fake asks you to photograph your favourite locals and write an anecdotal story to accompany them. It is like building a memory map of your experiences and helping enrich your environment with digital cues for others to see. 
Sharing experiences can create a community awareness and knowledge, being also a way to bring together people. 


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Serendipity & storytelling – what a great mash-up!

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