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Fighting the heat while making the city beautiful

Using green walls and green roofs in the city buildings can lower the temperature inside,reducing air-con expense and blending the city architectural with the environment. An environmental solution that will make a better living for the community.

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Singapore elevate heat all over the year make impossible to leave without air-con. 
Green roofs work by shading roof surfaces and through evapotranspiration. Using green roofs throughout a city can help reduce surface urban heat islands and cool the air. 

Green roofs can provide many of the same quality of life benefits as other urban greenery. People in taller, neighbouring buildings may enjoy looking down at a rooftop garden. Allowing public access to rooftop gardens provides residents another green space to enjoy. Finally, some researchers are evaluating the potential for green roofs to provide a safe habitat for rare or endangered species, re­moving them from ground-level predators.

Singapore construction is growing very fast, leading to a vast number of buildings in urban setting covered with cements and bricks, scoring little to zero artistic appeal. Having vertical garden at the wall eliminates those gray, dull decorations and provides a fresh and vigorous life to the buildings.


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