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Farmer's Market

The traditional definition of a farmer's market involves local farmer's selling produce to its local community members. The way I see it, the farmer's market represents something more. It represents COMMUNITY.

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A recent trip to a farmer's market in Brisbane was certainly an enlightening and pleasant experience. The farmer's market I visited on that particular Sunday had local chefs cooking up a feast of all sorts for its local folks. Musicians busking a slow jam under the beautiful morning Sun and local folks taking children and pets out for a warm, friendly get together with the neighborhood.

The traditional farmer's market is a local tradition in Australia where local farmers have the opportunity to sell fresh produce to it's local community on the weekends. What struck me was not the market itself but the element of community that it represented.

Singapore is organized into different districts, town councils and zones. Each with a unique feel and flavor. The Singaporean version of a farmer's market is called a 'Pasar Malam',which is a pop up marketplace that sells goods during festive occasions. As a Singaporean, I love visiting these markets simply because the atmosphere is great, there's loads of good food and everybody has a great time.

The inspiration I have is to introduce a more regular farmer's market in each of the districts in Singapore on a regular basis. Let it be a get together time for food, fun, games for the community to swing in on a regular basis. Meet new friends, catch up with old friends over Sunday breakfast. Let the kids run around the fields freely. Let the entrepreneurs amaze you with their interesting products. Let the community gather regularly.

Such markets promote a great sense entrepreneurial spirit in the community and comes with a great time for everyone around the block. Why not make it a weekly community affair?


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May be a mobile map-app on areas where the farmer's markets are will be a great value add.

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Hi Kris,

Thanks for the feedback. Great idea, Mobile map, push notifications on new market pop-up locations. Keeps the crowd engaged and informed