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Educate The Peeps And Let Them Act

In general, people want to do the right thing. Educate people with facts and show them how to use those facts to take action for the good of them and society...stand back and watch people do the right thing!

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Been working with a large company to determine the best way to get people (employees and the community) to use less natural resources and live a more sustainable life.  Lesson learned is (in general) people want to do the right thing.  Specially in the world of sustainable living, people are not aware of how to live a more sustainable life.  Thus we engaged in a communicate plan to educate people on how to be more sustainable.  Overview of strategy below:

  • Initial focus is to use less electricity
  • Developed "easy to understand" posters on how to save on energy use (Click It, Unplug It & Dial It Down) see attached poster (see Click_Unplug_Dial Poster)
  • Have interactive sessions to educate and advise people on what exactly to do to save on electricity costs (see link to blog advising what to do:
  • Ensure people are educated on how their actions help them AND society 

  • Company piloted program to save electricity usage by using above method resulted in 20% energy reduction....planned roll out of program across entire business in 2013
  • Community outreach program at local university resulted in a dorm containing 150 students committing to using less electricity during fall 2012 semester...currently measuring results....plan rollout of "energy savings program" across entire university in 2013 (For Halloween the students had a "Vampire Night" event to educate and show fellow students on how to save energy; see "Vampire Poster" for the event the "Dorm Poster" posted in the dorm to again educate the masses) 


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Like it!!! ....because its a simple but unique concept and simple and effective communication!

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