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Crowdsource Advertising

One way to make public spaces belong to the public again is to buy back the space that's been sold out to private interests. Our cities are more than markets.

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Advertising has a huge effect on us, and how we understand the ownership of our public spaces. Most main city streets are lined with shops, markets, and advertising, most of which have lost the social function which markets once had in bringing communities together. Shopping today is a different activity, and being in public spaces should be more than potential market exposure.

I beleive that what we percieve around us plays a huge factor in how we understand ourselves as a part of that space. We are so focused on the environment, aesthetics, and our own psychology that changing what we see in public spaces may very well change how we behave and relate to each other in those spaces. This could be a catalyst for understanding the possibilities of what a ‘public space’ actually is. Street art is a beautiful phenomenon, but advertising often occupies prime visual real estate. Together, as communities, we could financially ‘buy back’ many of these spaces, and literally turn our cities into living rooms, galleries, and promote information and art which will influence us in more productive directions than subliminal consumerism.

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Photo of Meena Kadri

Great thoughts David. Makes me wonder whether there might also be local competitions for creating community-facing images to be displayed in such advertising spaces. plenty to think about for the upcoming Concepting phase here!