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Children Saying I Can

Let children identify needs, imagine ways to solve them and take them into action. It has proven a great way to get things going in a community. They have the curiosity, the creativity, the fearless way of trying things out where many of us hold back

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When we allow and encourage our young to go out and detect what is needed they are quick to respond. They don't fear to see nor tell the truth - the beginning for change. Their imagination and creativity is a resource we should treasure. It is important that they are part of process because it is them that will enjoy or pay the price for the community we want to shape. With just a spark of the belief that - I Can - can make an entire community engage. Kids are caring for one another, get rid of bullying, take care about their environment, visit and honor the elderly....the list is long of thousand of examples!
Design for Change show that kids all over the world have developed and implemented thousands of projects of social change.
Successful change against bullying, visiting elderly and sick, taking care of their neighborhood and environment and even giving literacy classes to their parents and working for inclusion of imigrants.


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Great thoughts on including children in the conversation, Stephan! Looking forward to what this might spark in the upcoming Concepting phase.

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