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Action Tracker

Action Tracker, a free webtool which makes doing, recording and encouraging others to do simple, positive Actions easy, fun and mind-expanding.

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The Action Tracker is a free webtool created by "We Are What We Do". It aims to help people do, record and encourage others to do simple, positive actions. 

The tool provides a list of actions and  a platform for people to post comments, pictures and videos to record their experience in doing those good things.  They provide multimedia information for on each action page to give people enough guides and educational information to start doing good. 

The Action Tracker also encourage people to do good things together by encouraging people to monitor, inspire, encourage and challenge each other on the platform via comments and discussions. They also provides tools to help people form campaigns to promote particular actions to involve larger communities. 

The Action Tracker also provides resources for teachers to find suitable actions for students.

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I dig it! Did you create the graphics yourself? Beautiful work!

I like the idea - but how would you keep people from becoming somewhat self-righteous about sharing all the "good" they're doing? I could unfortunately see it becoming a competition for who's the MOST X-TREME do-gooder. Have you thought about how to keep things from becoming too image-based, and really focus on more awareness that can lead to granting people more beneficial, positive lifestyles?

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