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The Meeting (The Amazing Singaporeans) [UPDATED]

A platform for sharing food and wisdom. An addition to

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Hawker centers meet " The Amazings".
A platform connecting between (older) food stalls owners from hawker centers, who want to share their wisdom, skills and experience around food, life and history of Singapore, and younger ones, who would like to learn from them. 
It can be interesting both for locals and for tourists as a great way to meet people and learn some history of Singapore while having a tasty dinner.

As one of the inspirations mentioned, Singaporeans love food and hawker centers are very important local tradition of dinning (and meeting).
There is an existing website by NEA that promotes hawker centers and can be a base for the project. This website could get another chapter - based on the British concept of " The Amazings", where everyone could book a place for specific food meeting.

Food brings people together, make connecting easier and is a great starting point for conversation and bonding. As in the original "the Amazings", it gives a place for older people who many times feel a bit left behind. It is a great way to learn something new from the ones that know best and have a lot of experience or remember times that we can only read about.

How would it work:
1. Owner of the food stall would learn about the project from their hawker center manager, posters, from past participant or from website.
2. When he/she decides to make a Meeting at his food stall he gets guidelines from the organizer and materials helping in conducting the meeting.
3. He/she chooses the topic and the Meeting in uploaded to websites. It's possible to also print posters and flayers.
4. Interested participants learn about the Meeting from past participants, website, social platforms or posters and flayers at hawker center.
5. Participants sign up for a specific workshop and pay some small fee. website + application
6. Everyone meets at the specific food stall and the Meeting starts.
7. The Meeting might take place inside or outside (for example wet market tour). Some possible types of meetings are:
- Tasty meal during which the Tutor (food stall owner) tells amazing stories (might be personal, history of Singapore etc)
- Workshop how to prepare the food, tips and tricks
- Special dish not usually served
- Learning some special skill connected with food
- any other thing that the Tutor has in mind.
8. The Tutor and the participants are getting updates and information about new Meetings from The website is also a place to share photos and stories and (it can have a blog section for less formal posts)
9. The participants learnt something new and had great food. And the food stall owner earned some money and probably got a lot of future regular customers.

Some of the possible meetings types:

1. Holiday meetings
Special meetings for everyone feeling alone for holidays (tourists, expats but also Singaporeans). Great way to get to know some local customs and people. Even though the participants don't know each other, thanks to small amount of people, the atmosphere can be homy and friendly.

2. Organic/ healthy meetings
Hawker centers can promote more healthy eating habits. As Carmen suggested, there can be an organic garden next to hawker center where participant can learn about the ingredients. It might be also a workshop about growing own food or about pros of eating healthy and organic.

3. Wet market meetings
As Lindsey suggested, meetings that at least partly take place outside the hawker center, for example at wet market. Participants learn about choosing the right ingredients ("how to choose the best fish") and process of getting food to the table.

4. History meetings
Meetings where the food is a background for some great Singaporean stories from great Singaporean food makers.

5. Hawker Legends
Meetings with retired famous hawkers. They might have amazing stories to tell and as they are already retired they also have time for a meeting. (idea by Philip)


This concept builds not only on the related inspirations but also on the great comments to them!

Arjan had a great idea to mix organised events with more spontaneous ones. It could be interesting to start with one person sharing his stories with a crowd and that way attract other potential participants. Arjan also pointed out a great role of social media in sharing the events (visitors in hawker center suddenly see one of the stalls owners starting his story, probably they record it with mobile phones and share)

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

Awareness of a history of a place, meeting local people make us more connected to our neighborhood and hence we feel more responsible for it.

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

It can become something organized by the hawkers centers itself, might be a meeting each week / day with some other food place owner.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

It can start with one food seller and a Facebook event, it can also start like the original the Amazings - with flyers distributed on the streets/ in the hawker centers. During the event it can be also discussed how to translate this idea into Singapore's ground, which channels suit best and who is willing to participate. It can be a good way for stalls owners to promote their business.

Evaluation results

6 evaluations so far

1. How easy would it be for citizens to get involved and take initiative for this idea?

Very easy; this would rely on ground-up participation from the beginning. - 0%

Somewhat easy; there are ways for citizens to get involved, but an outside organiser may be needed to sustain and grow this concept. - 83.3%

This concept needs to be led and maintained by the government or private business. - 16.7%

2. Can you build this concept on top of something that already exists, like an organisation, physical space, or system?

Yes. This could fold into, or extend from, something that already exists. - 50%

This concept taps existing networks for a few things, but also needs a lot of new processes, materials, relationships, etc. - 50%

This concept requires a new system to be built to support it. - 0%

3. After the initial launch and support, could this concept be sustained and cared for over time by the community it's designed to serve?

Absolutely! This concept is easy to keep going. - 50%

It depends. There are opportunities for growth, but it's not yet clear how the concept would thrive after launch. - 33.3%

Probably not. A lot of effort would be needed to keep this concept going. - 16.7%

4. Does this concept create community?

Yes. It naturally brings people together and inspires them to take care of one another. - 50%

There is potential to create a thriving community. - 50%

No. It doesn't galvanize people to come together for a common cause or interest. - 0%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

It rocked my world. - 50%

I liked it but preferred others. - 50%

It didn't get me overly excited. - 0%


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I don't live in Singapore but I think it would be great if someone from Singapore could try to chat with hawker centers stall owners, to see what do they think about the whole idea, if they can imagine participating in it, for sure they would have some valuable insights. So if anyone is interested!

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Very nice idea!!! I think it could also allow a twist! from the inspiration phase of this projects, there was a lot of ideas of farming and growing local food in Singapore. "The meeting" could be a way to gather the community together to share cooking and food experiences, but why not if the hawker centre has a farm behind where they grow their own food, so the tour will include also this "Organic farm", putting the people more close to the nature and the raw ingredients the local food use. With this organic food concept, the Hawker centres in Singapore will gain a great value!

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