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Competition: make your block the prettiest at the 9th of august! UPDATED

Provide citizens with a competition that asks to make their block (HDB or Condo) the most pretty in town, displaying the nationality of Singapore & the citizens living at the block. Prize giving & rewarding at the national day.

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At the 9th of August Singapore celebrates their national day. This day is a good reason to clean up your neighbourhood and make it something to be proud on. 
The government can start a competition; asking every block to be 'dressed up' for the party. The block should display the national identity of Singapore & its citizens. The block should show what its inhabitants are proud of. 

It can be compared to the Chrismas lighting & Deepavali lighting; both making neigbourhoods party ready. However, this initiative should come from the blocks themselves. 
Creativity should be stimulated, there can be diverse prizes: one for the most pretty block according to citizens, one for the most creative block and one for the most decorative according to the government. A Prize can be that the government sponsors a block's BBQ. Furthermore, the blocks should be rewarded for their effort; during the upcoming weeks before the 9th, newspapers can report on the decoration preparations and report on blocks that are fully dressed up and worth a visit. 


We refined the idea as follows:

Before the 9th of July
People will be made aware of the competition coming. They will be reached through local newspaper and posters and are asked to join their community (centre) the 9th of July to prepare, start & kick off the competition!

9th of July
For each block of housing a large outline of the building will be printed. During a creative session people are asked to decorate their block and draw/visualize it at their outline. People have to work together and get tips on how to decorate their building.People are encouraged to use their existing decoration (from Deepavali or Christmas etc.)  or materials (colored bed sheets will also be cool) 

9th July- 9th August 
The decorated outline of their block will be copied and will be placed in the elevators to remind people to the competition. 
Newspapers will write about the competition and will show what blocks are actually making. Maybe the local television show can be involved and have a news update in their program?
Everybody should be made aware of the blocks competing so that those blocks will be visited by other (competing)  Singaporeans and so that those neighborhoods will be shown so that all Singaporeans know about their area. 

9th of August
At the 9th of August a team of Singaporeans will choose the nicest block in town. They will visit all blocks and choose the best block. There will be several prices:
"Best decorated block"
"Most creative block"
"Public prize"

The public can also choose a block to be the prettiest. At several spots in the city large photographs from the blocks (Shot in the morning & Printed) can be evaluated by public. 

We wanted to know what people thought of this idea so we made a outline of a HDB block and asked inhabitants to decorate them. We asked to their opinion and all three (we asked 3) we enthused and would want to participate. 
The outlines were also decorated nicely as can be seen in the pictures. 

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

Each block has to work together to make something nice from their block. The competition asks the block to display their identity, asking the inhabitants to create something they are proud of. Creating something together will stimulate the bond between the citizens and will make them feel proud on their achievement. When people are proud on their housing block it is more likely that they will take care more of their environment.

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

Through this competition people will get to know each other better; they have to work together with their neighbors but will also be inspired by the competing blocks. They might be convinced to travel to other neighborhoods in order to check their decorations. This competition will provide a means to discuss together what makes them proud in Singapore & their neighborhood.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

New Years Eve can be used to ask a few blocks within a town (for example Jurong) to decorate their building. The competition will be kept small. The initiative can come from a community center.

Evaluation results

6 evaluations so far

1. How easy would it be for citizens to get involved and take initiative for this idea?

Very easy; this would rely on ground-up participation from the beginning. - 16.7%

Somewhat easy; there are ways for citizens to get involved, but an outside organiser may be needed to sustain and grow this concept. - 50%

This concept needs to be led and maintained by the government or private business. - 33.3%

2. Can you build this concept on top of something that already exists, like an organisation, physical space, or system?

Yes. This could fold into, or extend from, something that already exists. - 83.3%

This concept taps existing networks for a few things, but also needs a lot of new processes, materials, relationships, etc. - 16.7%

This concept requires a new system to be built to support it. - 0%

3. After the initial launch and support, could this concept be sustained and cared for over time by the community it's designed to serve?

Absolutely! This concept is easy to keep going. - 50%

It depends. There are opportunities for growth, but it's not yet clear how the concept would thrive after launch. - 16.7%

Probably not. A lot of effort would be needed to keep this concept going. - 33.3%

4. Does this concept create community?

Yes. It naturally brings people together and inspires them to take care of one another. - 33.3%

There is potential to create a thriving community. - 50%

No. It doesn't galvanize people to come together for a common cause or interest. - 16.7%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

It rocked my world. - 33.3%

I liked it but preferred others. - 16.7%

It didn't get me overly excited. - 50%


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Annet - we're so sorry that we may have lost some of the updates to this concept over the last 72 hours - we lost the AWS server stack which included the backup and even after working through the night some updates escaped us.

We've extended the Refinement Phase to the 27th to give everyone extra time to re-upload their content and to push your concept even further - apologies again if you did lose any updates...

Photo of Annet Bruil

Also updated this one again!

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