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{SG:niter} Web-platform for Community Development Projects (Volunteer & Fund) #UPDATED

Imagine a Sunday cleaning of Serangoon Road, Singapore or any Community Park or any public space with the help of local corporations and neighbours and friends - & there's free beer and lunch. Concepts by Kris Nair / Amy Chong / Paul van Zoggel

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Imagine a sunny Sunday cleaning of Serangoon Road, Singapore or any Community Park or any public space with the help of local corporations and neighbours and friends - and there's free beer and lunch

To ensure a clean, sustainable environment and water supply for Singapore total budget of $1.3 billion has been allocated by the Government - Imagine being part of the development process by volunteering and (if you want to) funding the public-projects?

It will be a great pride for people to become Ambassadors of their locality and be active on keeping it vibrant and inclusive -

Everyone cares about their local area. We'd all like to make improvements. But with councils out of cash, we need a new way of getting things done. The great thing about a web-based Kickstarter like platform is that anyone can put forward project ideas and anyone can fund them.

Anything in a public space - or somewhere the community can freely access. Projects could be relaxing new green spaces, rejuvenated sports facilities, a playground for the kids, or a spruced up high street that entices shoppers to your cafe or pub. Whatever you like.

How the web-platform works:

  1. Discover a community project you'd love to see built.
  2. Pledge funding or time
  3. If the project receives mass support the corporations/private brands match the funding
  4. Watch as the project timeline
  5. contribute (like OpenIDEO) 
  6. Collaborate and make it built

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

For Individuals: 1. Deeper involvement in the well-being of the community space 2. Better friendships created while collaborating while working on a single vision for the betterment of the community 3. 'Feel the pride' of becoming a real stakeholder of growth and better neighbourhood 4. Track projects and motivate others if there's any delay 5. Keep an eye on the money spend by the Govt - make it transparent 6. It's so easy to get involved and contribute For Private Organizations: 1. Position your brand as the supporter of the right cause 2. Applied CSR and Applied Marketing 3. Create deeper relationships with your customers 4. Transparent and long lasting relationships (and brand recall) in the community For the Government: 1. Open and transparent way to tell the citizens about the challenges 2. Better and inclusive way to understand citizen's problems 3. Understand the real-pain area by looking at this Web Dashboard and decide where to invest the energy/money next 4. Real Democracy

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

Assuming that we are starting with one small project - say Serangoon Road and with corporate partnerships, the real money spend by the governments will be cut down to 50% and if the results are positive, scale it to 10 locations and then 50 and more

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

Attaching a prototype/wireframe for the web-app


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I WISH OpenIDEO had a 'Edit Button' for virtual teams - so easy for all of us to edit and refine the idea/concepts.

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Could be a good one to add to our Feature Suggestions section on our forums, Kris:

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