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At the heart of is a team of 4-6 community reporters, chosen from and by the public. These community reporters will tell stories about projects, initiatives or inspiration they find in the different communities of Singapore. Their reports will be shared online, and will preferably contain many photos and video footage. To be clear: their assignment is to find initiatives, events, ideas that are making a difference for good in the communities of Singapore, and that can be replicated, or are inspiring for project to improve neighbourhoods and keep them clean.

But that’s not all. The community reporters also have the assignment to come up with ideas for activities and projects to improve Singapore. By sharing their ideas early online, the community that will grow around the reporters can help to improve these ideas further.

Rotation and fresh ideas

After 2 months of active duty, reporting at least twice per week, the community reporters will present their ideas to a selection of the public, and the Singapore National Environment Agency and selected other organisations, who will then choose at least 2 ideas to help implement. The other ideas will be posted in a repository online, just like the OpenIDEO concepts, available for everybody to take them up and start realising them.

The presentation of ideas, marks the end of community reporter duty, but also the start of a new round. When one team is finished, a new team will start, again, selected from and by the public (and maybe one member nominated by the previous team, and one selected by the organisers). In this way, will be a continuous effort, and people with ambition to become a community reporter will have the chance to become one in a next round.

Obviously, the community reporters will be the ‘face’ of this concept, but there’s a team behind the screens as well, organising events, marketing and such. Important for to quickly build and maintain an active online community is a great community management team, and of course a platform that allows for easy uploading, sharing and commenting on content.

Especially reports about successful initiatives, but also other tools or resources, will be put into a library/wiki type of section, so that people can easily find them back and use these how-to's and resources to create their own change.

Engaging the community

It should be made easy for Singaporeans to join in, and create their own content. As said in the comments: what worked very well for the Quality Hunters project was an active community management challenging people to debate, comment and create their own content on their own channels. Obviously there was a motiviation: one active community member would be selected to become a Quality Hunter for 10 days as well, traveling on behalf of the sponsors to hunt for quality. A similar 'carrot' can be used here, by cross-posting content as guest posts, and maybe give 1 or 2 reporter places to active community members.

Also, I've understood Singapore is a smartphone friendly country, with a lot of people sharing photos etcetera. It will be the responsibility of the community management team to find people who share on online platforms (twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram), and get them engaged with

Off site, it would be great if people get confronted with the project consistently. I remember from my one visit to Singapore the newspaper The Straits Times. A weekly section there would be perfect to talk about the best content etcetera and a call to action.

Another option I would like to see is to collaborate with places that are already active community centers (for example the Pigeon Hole Cafe), by organising some short events there to share the ideas and content. Additionally, we could leave postcards for the guest to ask them to participate, by writing their idea on the card and sending it (postage free) to

This concept is based on the Quality Hunter project as run by Finnair and Helsinki Airport last year.

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

First of all, by reporting on community activities and good community management, this online community will create a conversation around the subject of improving neighbourhoods. By involving organisations, maybe on a per-cycle basis, of all sorts (charities, but also companies big and small) and asking them to commit to implementing ideas, a collaborative system will grow out of

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

At the heart of this are the community reporters and the community management team. But in collaboration with local businesses like the Pigeon Hole and Sidewalk Gallery cafes, there could be events around presenting and reporting on ideas that create even more connections.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

I would start small. Maybe run a pilot with some neoghbourhood businesses, and the people who made the run through Singapore video. Create a simple website, using a blogging platform like Wordpress, create Twitter and Facebook accounts and get people involved.


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This is something very exciting but please make sure it doesn't grow too big and get 50,000 views or the government's gonna ask you to register a media license. Sometimes solving problems include posting of real problems to find solutions. Somehow, the government of Singapore don't like blogs or sites posting real problems. Maybe they know inside their heart that they are the real causes of most of it.

Maybe some of you guys should visit the pyramid club to see what's really cooking there. For those who are new to Singapore, the Pyramid Club was created in 1963 as a convenience for the high profile ministers and upper echelons of society. It's like a smaller version of Skull & Bones Secret Society. Because of their high profile, it was not suitable for them just to be attending regular Freemason meetings as the wider public tends to think of Secret Societies as blood drinking devil worshiping bunch. -

If you really want to solve problems in the world, sometimes you need to understand and see the picture and see who's behind the real problems. If you want to solve problems in Singapore, you need to understand the real history of Singapore. Let's cover some real news and get things moving in the right direction. :-)

Edmund Ng

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