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Very Local News

Provide people in Singapore with toolkits to encourage storytelling about local news and topical issue areas. Create a movement of amateur local news reporters and celebrate the best.

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Dean Curry runs a "Pleasure Angling" business in Deal, Kent. He recently started making Youtube videos to tell people what the weather was like to help potential customers be prepared for their day out. They were so popular he's become a local phenomenon. People now tune in to hear his, often hilarious, forecasts and updates. 

How could we do the same for places like Singapore? Provide people with the toolkits they need to tell stories about their local community and promote local news - it could be issue based or more whimsical. 

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

Creates local identity, encourages promotion of local people, diversity, and drives awarenes of local issues.

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

Start with one community and spread from there. Promote the diversity between the different stories and stars that emerge.


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Interesting idea... People can really have fun with this as a new-media production tool for crowdsourcing local news!

Some of the tools could include a self-publishing app or software like Action Movie FX
( that superimposes graphics onto a video. Could include tickers, and special effects for fun.

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