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PROject :: COMMUNITY uses local art, music, food, drama, etc. as a tool to promote community awareness and activism. Creating events with these talents while also supporting local environmental and social initiatives defines PROject :: COMMUNITY.

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PROject :: COMMUNITY is a concept bringing together a community's unique characteristics and activism, specifically environmental and social. The goal is to work together with homegrown artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, activists etc. and create large, involved events which give the local public fresh opportunities to come together. The kicker though is that PROject :: COMMUNITY uses these events as fundraising opportunities to support regional issues and raise awareness. For example, a city's planning department might host a spoken word event complete with regional food and drink to raise money for changes to the area's water treatment facilities while also giving the public a chance to learn about water issues both in the community and on a larger scale. By combining local talent and activism, PROject :: COMMUNITY would bring together residents in a uniquely social setting of initiative.

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

What makes PROject :: COMMUNITY such an interesting idea is that it could not stand alone. Rather, this entity would rely directly on working closely with a wide range of small scale businesses, activists, and individuals. PROject :: COMMUNITY would be a collaborative force to bring separate groups together around a locally relevant issue such as alternative energy, homelessness, or wildlife. Ideally, the existence of PROject :: COMMUNITY would directly help find connections and motivate the public and indirectly create individual initiative by just existing. Since this idea would support activist groups like non-profits, the local, state, and national government could be easily involved. PROject :: COMMUNITY would support environmental action through grassroots endeavors and regional talents.

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

Like the difference between TED and TEDx, PROject :: COMMUNITY is an overarching idea for an entity, or group of entities, that would be purely local. More likely than not, this group would be much more effective on the scale of town or city size. This is reflected in the fact that a rural area is much more familiar with its own environmental and social issues than is the nearest city. For instance, Nairobi is the capitol of Kenya and contains much power and ability to tackle environmental issues. However, the neighboring slum of Kibera is much better suited for ground-up, internal initiatives started by those who know and live the issues of sewage sumps and trash covering every street. PROject :: COMMUNITY is the idea, but the action might come in the form of PROject :: SINGAPORE, PROject :: KIBERA, or even PROject :: ANACOSTIA. In focusing on smaller divisions, this idea encourages and relies on connections made between regions and neighborhoods.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

Durham, NC is a bustling city best known for Duke University and the Research Triangle. Recently, the city has grown in a new direction with an influx of artists, theatre companies, modern architecture, and a younger crowd. However, issues of education, pollution, and housing still exist. Given the vibrant culture of the city, Durham might be an option for testing out PROject :: DURHAM and creating an event, perhaps an art show with a performance from the area's upcoming university students, to inspire activity within the community.


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This is a great concept. The potential of it expanding into multiple smaller entities (with those specific locations in the name) that perform community acts that are derived from necessities in those regions is a great way to truly make a difference and a "chain of communities" that support one another worldwide. I also think that Durham is a great place to start and use as a prototype. It has its issues but is also on the rise physically and intellectually. There is already a lot of motivated individuals and groups that have the necessary mindset to enable these type of efforts successfully. Durham is a very unique town that is developing its own culture and something like this would make a great addition and most importantly unite all the efforts and everyone. The question is how do you get people motivated about something like this and get them to be involved?

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