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Neighbourhood Art

Let the creative colleges run projects where they work with a space and create an experience. Then, by the people's vote, make one (or more) concept come alive in the the space it was designed for.

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There is a lot of space in the HDB neighbourhoods which is empty, like blank canvases. It is meant to be for everyone's use but is often not used much at all. Could socialising in the void decks and parks be encouraged by making the spaces more interesting?
The proposals would be displayed in the space they are meant for, effectively creating an art exhibition and ensuring that the people affected by the project have a chance to vote for their favourite.
Once the concept has materialised, the space is unique and different from other void decks in Singapore, potentially becoming an attraction for people from other parts of the city.
My friend told me there used to be drawing sessions in her HDB neighbourhood when she was a child. All the kids would bring their papers and pens and sit around in e.g. a park drawing what they saw as the parents chatted and watched. In today's Singapore, parents and children are too busy with tuition in the evenings and on weekends. Maybe this could be a way to revive and bring art back into local life and conversation.

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

By showing proposals at the doorstep of the people affected, they are almost forced to see them and have an opinion. Whether they like it or not, the project is bound to create a discussion between neighbours. Creating this space and subject for people to talk about would be a good way to start a discussion about our local environment and community.

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

Something that affects your local environment is bound to cause reactions and discussions. With some media coverage, you will get people talking nationwide. Nothing engages people more than things they feel strongly about, whether positive or negative.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

The project could be run in a college. The next step- exhibiting it in a creative way in the space it is intended for- would require permission and organisation. By starting with the project there will be creative ideas and visuals to show to the governmental bodies involved in further development.


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While the idea is good, it's not really feasible. Firstly, by holding an art exhibition in a void deck, regardless of the quality of the painting, you probably decrease the value by at least 90%. There's no economics and benefits of doing this.

Secondly, if you were to hold an exhibition, with no adequate closure, there's no way you could leave the paintings and exhibits there overnight without someone watching over it. Have nobody guard it and there's a good chance of people damaging the art pieces.

There's a reason why art pieces are exhibited in art galleries and museums. There's no need to change a winning formula. Even if it's amateur art pieces, I would probably want to do it in shopping centres rather than void decks.

Edmund Ng

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