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LocalTVstation (webcast citizens audiovisual content)

Create the template format for webcast TV/Video. Let citizens film and broadcast whatever they want from the region. Invite youth clubs, sports associations, handicraft-& artisan-people to display their events on the TV. Watch it on every computer!

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I suggest this be made low-budget, non-excluding, non-discriminating, only the empty framework, with very few rules and regulation. But with the spirit of Non-commercial and Public Service Broadcasting. So that many citizens of all ages will feel invited to submit their video, with short documentaries, normal every day journalism from peoples lives and observations on their living and working environment.

If more people gain more interest in local region, they will most likely want to do more tourism in their area, so called "home-stay-cationing", and perhaps reduce a few percent on the long distance air travel across the globe! (this is merely one of the possible "green" benefits and side effects of local public broadcast service)

Film-makers could do reportage on good businesses that are role models in their environmentally friendly actions. Consumer influence can be utilised beneficially, so that you broadcast programs that encourage shoppers to go to those shops that follow city guidelines on recycling and power consumption. See inspiration of " Carrot-mob" Or people could be whistle-blowers and document, like independent reporters/journalists dig up the dirt and expose waste and wasted resources.
Content ideas/program examples:
Dance, Music groups, Theatre, Open Mic for standup comedians, poetry slam, rapper battles. Skateboard videos, document tours inside museums, art galleries
experts could explain how stuff works; recycling center, waste water plant, renewable electricity… food production, healthy cooking, home economics…
and much more… (but this concept is not about deciding exactly what programs that the citizens should create, it is only about the framework to enable any type of local culture being shown)
For some more information, see my text here: LocalTV
And read about the photograph-documenting-concept that turned into a huge success: A

The local-TV-channel can be made on a budget of merely 36$, just as I did:
It can "piggy-back" on youtube-technology (or be built as a new forum or App). Each filmmaker can easily upload their video to their own youtube account. This enables very low administration for the channel. And ensures that the station can be non-profit, and refrain from using advertising and paid product placement.

The viewers/citizens could be invited to design the logotype, vignettes and whole graphical identity package that is needed for profiling the local-TV-station. So that everything that is seen in the broadcast is crowdsourced content.

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

People will be able to see each others activites, you can influence some people to join a sporting association to increase general health of citizens. Spinoffs are possible that make citizens form new groups around manufacturing of their local programs. Perhaps environmental programs with general household tips and advice on recycling and so on?

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

The scale of the actual webcast should be kept small. To allow people participate with ideas on development and spinoffs. But you could evolve into "themed" broadcasts. Or develop workshops to educate interested into film-making, video-editing, experimental art film courses (i.e. stopmotion animation and so on) If people show their area of the city, others will be able to see their "gems" and discover new angles/perspectives of their home town. School children could use as a platform for school projects, to do reportaging and enquiry and interviews, questionnaires. You will make everyone feel proud

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

I have already created the first TV-station: (i can perhaps write down the process I went through, and how I modeled the concept, to make it open source/shareware, if someone is interested in setting up their "sister-station" and "connect" our two "broadcasts" ???)


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