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Games — workshops DIY design

Design different types of games together with different groups and teams. The fundamentals and mechanics of the games should be to inform lots of small bits of educational knowledge and fun, around environmental issues, energy, ecology…

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Start many workshops in schools and evening classes and as company events, lecture about the different game types that are easy to make, and then randomly group together participants in teams, to do creative creations of several different games of several models and various topics and rules for each game.

Board games, card games, dice games… those that are relatively easy to make DIY, with some paper, cardboard and some paint.

Have experts lecture about environmental issues (recycling, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, emissions).
Brainstorm around games, try out different types of existing games.
You could take good existing games, such as Trivial Pursuit, and remake the rules, the content and the way you score points. And let the groups redesign the board, playing cards and whatever accessories is needed to play the game.

Have some volunteer art or architecture students help the groups with advice about manufacturing of prototypes, so that all of the teams can produce their type of game, design packaging… consult a local printing industry if some would want to manufacture large amounts of their game.

IDEAS for game play:
  • a regular game that you play face-to-face with your opponents.
  • online; text messaging each move you make to your opponent. Similar to correspondence-chess, with ongoing challenges on distance, one draw per day (or other time limits)
  • Mix of online, high-tech and offline methods. (could include combination of text messaging, picture messaging, instagram or sending attached photos to players email. Could include assignments to go and visit recycling center or finding out facts about low energy light bulbs…
  • If the game designers want other hightech-options for computers perhaps they could team up with software programming companies? or computer engineer students?

Point of Sales: markets, go around to toy shops... knocking door-to-door in the buildings where you live... all of the involved gamedesigners could re-sell all the other games from the other groups. you could arrange a countrywide network, a collaborative effort, spread out and they all have lots of available games to sell from a brochure. Some could join and sell their games in bundle-deals 3 for the price of 1.

Other revenue models: have very low price on the sale of the games, but have sponsor companies donate the materials needed, and let them buy ad space on the packaging of the games.
Companies and Government org's could pay large fees if they wish to hold such Game-workshops for their staff, to teach about creativity and environment.

Potential Spinoffs: Combine the workshops with some entrepreneurial training, basic economics, fundamentals about marketing and advertising. Or take help from experts on start-ups, entrepreneurial training... Let people from recycling and energy sector come and lecture or have seminars around what is important topics.
Set up an account on Etsy or similar web-shop and target the whole world.
Do you have additional ideas for details or gaming areas that would improve upon this project? Please comment below, i appreciate any input and feedback!

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

it is a "bottom—>up" approach, in playful way, spreading awareness and fun. All school children will grow up and become members of government and private sector… All school children have parents that work in governments and private sector… some of the parents will play some of these games together with their children…

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

Invite computer games manufacturing industry to the workshops, perhaps they find one or two game ideas that they wish to "purchase" the licenses on, to produce as internet based games, and reach out to huge user groups.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

I have found out that individuals some times have created small games based upon and around social issues, like political statements and as edu-tainment efforts. I will do more research.


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So many ideas within one concept, awesome!
The thing that stood out the most to me is the idea about a game that makes you physically interact with the environment, people or city. Although Singapore is very hot and humid, it could be a way of exploring the city and meet other people who are participating in the game. It could also be a part of the collaborative commute in that sense. hehe. Another thing that is great about this concept is that it has a purpose of bringing people together to work on something together with an end result that they can envision. Sometimes these open ended questions of "how might we make our environment better is too much to handle in one bite" and your game ideas make it bitable, but also makes it something desirable to be a part of.

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One popular game (that doesn't require any material or paraphernalia) is the "yellow car"-games. One version is that if you see a yellow car in a street, you scream "yellow car" and you are allowed to punch your friend on the shoulder, if you where the first to call it out.

Then there are another "Car-versions", where each participant choose a car colour: "Silver", "Red", "Yellow". And each person counts the numbers of cars that they see with that colour, for a boring bus ride or if just sitting in a café and watching traffic, the one that sees the most in one hour is the winner, or when the ride is ended, or keep the competition carrying on a whole week, or even set a limit of 100, and the first one to see 100 cars of "their colour" wins.

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I heard that in USA the same game exists, but it is called "Punch-buggy-blue", everytime you see a blue buggy "VwBeetle" you can punch the person closest to you on their arm.

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