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Dish In - Dish Out (Potluck for a Cause) (Updated 12/26)

Food/Eating is important for Singaporeans. Thus let’s encourage “potluck” meals [Dish In] in the community that will bring people together to discuss and implement ideas that will make their environment better [Dish Out].

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Develop an infrastructure to enable people to meet up for a “potluck” meal that will not only enable them to enjoy good food and meet people but also to engage in discussing topics on how to make their community better. [Definition of “potluck” ]


Phase 1: Objective is to develop a website to market and educate people on Dish In - Dish Out (DI-DO).  Specifically the website will provide details on how to organize and implement a successful DI-DO event (a 7 step process), tools to assist, e.g. invitations, recipes, overall tips, and pictures/videos of past DI-DO events.

Ideas on how to get people to attend the first DI-DO events: 

(a) Have a local "celebrity chef" or celebrity who likes to cook attend the first DI-DO event(s).  Have the celebrity bring a potluck.  

(b) Make the "issue" that is being discussed at the DI-DO event be a "issue" that a local celebrity is passion about, thus would provide incentive for celebrity to attend.

(c) Work with the local media to make the DI-DO event a Public Relations (PR) blitz.  Make the "issue" being discussed a concern that the media would want to cover, e.g. a issue that truly affects the community.   

Phase 2:  Goal is to expand DI-DO into newer markets, e.g. kids and stay-at-home parents.  Other markets will be identified during Phase 1.  

Phase 3: Purpose is to further expand DI-DO into other OpenIDEO projects that are helping connect people to develop better communities.  Example is to pair up with "Flash Markets", which are ad-hoc markets that pop-up in communities for local vendors to sell their goods, to incorporate DI-DO events at the market.  Other OpenIDEO projects where DI-DO can occur will be identified during Phase 1.

Business Model Generation Canvas:

Used the Business Model Genration Canvas ( to brainstorm the DI-DO business model.  See attached document (DIDO Biz Model.pdf) for details on the revenue, cost, activities, partnership, etc.. for DI-DO. 


- Develop a website to inform people of potluck events and topics to be discussed

- Government or private company provide incentives for people to join potluck, i.e. vouchers to buy food to bring to potluck

- The “topics for discussion” should be very specific to the community where the “potluck” is being held. For example, if the community is having waste management issues, then a “topic for discussion” can ideas on how the community can improve in reuse/recycle/reduction.

- Per Christine's & Meena's comments: Develop toolkits that will enable the potluck concept to spread: 

1) downloadable invites and responses;
2) checklist/to-do list for the event;
3) downloadable name tags;
4) hints for planning the next event;
5) recipe book template;
6) place for positive images of community events. 

Uploaded Dish In Dish Out Website prototype (See picture gallery)

Uploaded Dish In Dish Out Multi-Generation Plan (See  picture gallery)

Uploaded Potluck Visual Process (See picture gallery Steps 1 - 7)

Uploaded Team Ketu picture (See picture gallery)

12/13: After a brainstorming session with Team Ketu the below three areas were highlighted as requiring more focus: 
(1) Identify the reasons why people do attend or like potlucks and have Dish In - Dish Out address these issues.  See attached "Potluck Challenges" document for ideation/research results to date.  Comments welcomed.

(2) Provide tips on how to make a potluck success.  See attached "Potluck Success Tips" document for ideation/research results to date.  Comments welcomed. 

(3) Develop a "cradle to grave" process map on how to coordinate and run a potluck.  In process. 

How does your concept inspire collaboration between individuals, private sector organisations, and the government in an effort to create cleaner neighbourhoods?

“Potlucks” bring people together to enjoy food and each other’s company. Add the “topic of discussion” so people can have a purpose for the gathering, specifically, a purpose that will not only benefit them but also their community.

How might your concept be scaled in a way that creates even more connections between people?

As more communities have “potlucks” the more people will connect to enjoy good foods, make new friends and work together to make their community better.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

Have the government or a community group identify a key issue, and then setup a “potluck” event for a group of people from the community to attend to eat, meet and discuss how to resolve the issue.


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Thank you everyone for your contributions! We were selected as a WINNING CONCEPT!

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