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Singapore started out as a small fishing village but, rather quickly, turned into a sprawling metropolis. Like many other countries, it has reached a highly developed state. Public agencies such as Singapore's National Environment Agency would like to envision how to rejuvenate our local environments to inspire and enable communities to make our living environments better – and are eager to collaborate with the global community to explore solutions which resonate in Singapore and across the world.

Setting the Stage

Many of the issues faced by global societies are also felt in Singapore. For instance, the country is experiencing rapid population growth, being the third most densely populated nation in the world. And with the second highest ageing population in Asia (after Japan), we will need to be more closely connected to support our ageing.

Also importantly, as in other countries, the conversation is changing. Globally a new social contract is being forged: one where the power to influence our world is increasingly within reach, enabled by tools and technology, social networks and our ability to connect people to ideas and resources. A culture where there is less ‘me’ and more ‘we’. Singapore and most urbanised places in the world share a common need to improve the shared living environment, create interpersonal connectedness – and build a sense of community and pride. The aim is for the solutions generated from this challenge to benefit both Singapore and places in the world facing similar issues.

The Challenge

In this challenge we are looking to try and explore the following questions, both for Singapore and for communities everywhere that face similar challenges.

How might we better collectively solve problems facing our neighbourhoods?
How might communities look out for each other more?
How might we provide a safe space for positive and constructive action?
How might we help passive citizens become active contributors?
How might the role of the government evolve in the future, with regards to local neighbourhoods?

In short, what does community ownership look like in 2012 and beyond? The National Environment Agency invites you to join us in designing better answers, together.

Video thumbnail image courtesy of: Tal Bright (flickr): People's Park (Oct 2012).

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In this issue, goverment is the key point to be the most infecteble factor.

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