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Hi Open Ideo People , we are always trying to find solution for specific challenge (a problem)  , this is very good ,the challenge is "A man doesn't want walk to work every morning" , somebody built bicycle , after that somebody built a car , then bus. This goes like this. So we can find solutions to change how we go to work everyday using different transporatition methods , in most of the innovation we are trying to change only the way we do it , so it was walk --> horse ride (animals) --> bicycle --> motorbike --> car --> bus --> segways --> hoverboard --> flying hoverboard. You are absolutely  correct , if you say  we can find solution to diseases as well , may be  put more money and effort on  medical research etc.

We can also stop people  who want to travel from countries where the diseases exist (already tried) ,  but we can't stop moskitos travelling to other countries on top of The Bird Airlines :)).  What we wanna do ?  let's create charity application to buy more medics and supply medics and doctors.  As you read the above  we are only changing the way we do it and trying to find a solution when problem occurs . Simply we are waiting for a problem to occur and we solve  problem. 

In the begining , origin of the problem was a man who doesn't want to walk , he start riding horse to job. So the problems origin is very important. 

Yes  , the diseases like zika , ebola , ebola++ , zuma ++  , okina , yamahatu we can keep renaming the diseases :)) ,   see these diseases are  unfortunately originated from Africa. But , What is the main reason ?  Because we always keep africa poor , Africa needs to improve infrastructure , need water to be keep clean all areas  , needs electricity to keep people educated 24hours/7days , the solution to avoid  these diseases , we have to make Africa rich , for example we can start campaign  to stop oil companies who consumes  african resources , can we do that ? Of course no ?  Sorry , we don't have solution for this challenge , I am a  not superman or thor or hulk  or ironman or captain america or batman or optimus prime. But , I keep the hope , if the African people can  use thier resources well  and they make money and improve infrastructure , use clean water etc. Expect No global  diseases , if we make Africa rich. 

I just want to mentioned Mark Zacurberg here  the facebook CEO  , he wants to everybody access internet around the world , he is building some kind of satalite to provide internet for people who deosn't have access to internet. But ,  He forgets one thing in his idea , the countries Mark wants to provide internet , sometimes has no electricity access as well or no electricity at all , how can a person run a computer when there is no power. So guys We need to get deep into origin of problem , if  you want to solve anything. Other ideas are nice and  good but it changes the way we do it only. 


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Hi Mustafa, interesting post! Any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.

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I know thanks