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THE the Potency and Health Beefits of ALKALINE WATER

The RULE :when the human body is ALKALINE, not one disease could survive but when the body is acidic, disease strives and survive.

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My curiosity about how to cure and prevent all Diseases of mankind was greatly stimulated through my studies in Physiology / Pharmacology and Veterinary Sciences. However, it was precisely in 2010 that my curiosity was put into practical actions that led to the Discovery of the OBIQUE ALKALINE WATER as the most potent cure and preventive measure against all Diseases including cancer. When in 2010, I lost two members of my family - my late beloved mother Rhoda and my junior brother Lucky Uzih to what Medical experts described as incurable Diseases of Dibetes and Tuberculousis respectively. As I performed the burial rites of both of them, it was obvious to me that we must Find the cure and prevention of all Diseases. What and how can we prevent and cure all so called incurable Diseases was then my sleeping and and waking thoughts. As I pondered on this, I came across that remarkable Statement that :"When the human body is ALKALINE, not one disease could survive but when the body is acidic, Diseases strives and survive ". The discory was like the Archimede's Eureka, Eureka. Because clue to  the final answer to all ill-Health has now be opened up. With this clue, I was now facewith the critical question on How to achieve the problems of how to achieve total body alkalinity in order to prevent and cure human problems of Poverty due to much sending for health issues and chalenges. As I probed, I then after three years of consistent test, expeeimentations and researching, I discoved a particular substance that makes Water to be totally alkaline. And since April 3rd, 2010,I and immediate family have totally and virtually forgotten about hospital and even the names of common drugs that we used to take too often. Apart, from our practical experiences and usages, most people that have used it through us either as samples for direct use or diluted supplements, came back to request for more of OBIQUE ALKALINE WATER. Truely indeed, ALKALINE WATER is the potent Master and King  above all Diseases. From my experiences, if the world people could be made to discover and use ALKALINE WATER, couple with good, neat and green environments and balance nutrition and  regular exercises, we could conquare most ailments. And the simple formular of making ALKALINE WATER is as A. B. C. Please , I kindly refer you to the book : ALKALINE WATER - UNVEILING THE MAGICAL AND UNIVERSAL CURE AT for some more details on OBIQUE ALKALINE for the most potent and cheapest and affordable solution to human Diseases . 


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