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The construction of Garden City to repel mosquito!

Widely grow special plants in the cities contributes to the resisrance of insert pest.

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A large numbers of studies show that some plants have  migical effects to repel vavious insects. For examples, 
cordate telosma
pelargonium graveolens
ocimum gratissimum
 artemisia argyi
Tagetes erecta

These kinds of plants can emit some odor or special chemicals, which is harmless to human but can drive insects away. Thus, widely growing these plants in urban areas is not only beautiful but against the mosquitoes. We can image the views if doing so:

Garden city



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Photo of ashwin kumar

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Photo of Lori Eizenhöfer

It is a beautiful, harmless but most likely useless method to fight against Zika. I think it is a good solution to reduce the population of insects in cities where gardening is part of recreation areas. But not a method to fight health threats in poor regions of South America.

Photo of 雅楠 孙

Hi Lori Eizenhöfer,
Thanks for your comment.
As I metioned in my article, these kinds of plants can emit some odor or special chemicals to the air, then the insects will be driven away coz they can not live in this kind environment. Thus, if we grow enough plants, it should work.


Photo of LUU

Well, I think in order to see if the garden city idea workable or not, it is necessary to research on the influential area of plants and the duration of those special chemicals. Will it be far enough to cover people's residential area? 

Photo of 雅楠 孙

thanks for your comment.
but the answer is "yes." same as using Mosquito coil in your hourse can repel the insects effectively. Planting so  many plants in the city would achieve the same effect.


Photo of Minh Nguyen

How many people are living or will be able to live in such a lovely designed space? I'd love to live somewhere like that.

Photo of 雅楠 孙

Thanks for your comment Minh. These Garden Cities will be designed for most of the cities. You can grow suitable plants according to the different geographic locations. You can develop these cities whereever you want. Just imagining if building these garden cities become a fashion, everyone devote to build them, the world will be more goegeous. Of course, I believe it also can prevent the insects' issue.