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Strings, Hooks & Colors on Nets

The design of mosquito nets should be improved.

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Mosquito nets tend to be all white, flimsy, floppy and it is easy for a few mosquitoes to get through. If I use a net, it reduces the number of bites, but doesn't always eliminate them.  There could be many design improvements made.  I will list a few defects I have noticed:

1. Hanging them well can be very difficult, they should come with more than one way to hang them, perhaps several potential places near the top where they can be hooked into hammock-style instead of the usual top hook.

2. The "door" is generally just overlapping fabric.  I find it is sometimes difficult to find the right spot to get in & out and that shutting it behind you after you get in is difficult.  If there were a colored thread on the side of the flaps, you could see them better & see if you had gotten them overlapped properly.  Now just looking at white gauze on white gauze it can be difficult to see well.

3. The "bottom edge" is questionable.  On a bed, it may be tucked under or if not, it just lays on top of the edge of the bed.  Here again, some colored thread could be helpful in seeing what is going on.  I have found that during the night, the netting can settle right onto the skin, so a mosquito could bite through it.  Perhaps some "tie-downs" might work.  Even if you put a few bricks around it could help.

4. Rips and tears seem common.  Is there a way to patch them without sewing?

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