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Same type of mosquito that spreads Zika, Yellow Fever, Dengue and Chikungunya: Aedes Aegypti

What have we learn from that type of mosquito and preventions of the listed diseases: Avoid mosquito bits and limit their growth/habitat

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So far the most effective mean of prevention of the above diseases are protections against contact w. the disease-carrying mosquito & limiting their habitat/growth

Below summarise:  1. What make you a target for mosquito bite; 2.  The common methods to prevent mosquito, 3. How to limit their habitat/ growth based on learning from Yellow Fever, Dengue and Chikungunya. 

1. What make you a Target: 

Co2, Heat, Lactic Acide, Dark colour/ Black outfit. 

2. How to Prevent: 

a. Insect Repellent on Skin/ on Cloth, e.g. DEEP (DEET works by blocking a mosquito's CO2 receptors. ), Picaridin, oil of Lemon eucalyptus,  or IR3535PMD...etc.

b. Cover up: particularly high-tech athletic apparel—tend to be woven tightly enough to keep mosquitos out. Any garment that offers sun protection will also have a tight enough weave to block bites.

c. Dress in light colour.

d. Keep Mosquitos outside.

e. Using Fan to break up Co2/ blow them away ( they are weak flyer).

3. How to limit growth/ habitat of Mosquitos:

a. This means finding and eliminating standing water, which serves as an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. ( especially they don't fly far... )

b. Use of insecticide to kill them all.... 



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Thanks Emerald for the contribution. I lived in Jamaica for a year and had a terrible time with mosquitos because there was such lush vegetation for most of the year--I loved mango season the best. Additionally, it was hot and I had no heating or air conditioning so I left my windows open. Do you have recommendations for the context I experienced or know stories of people that may have dealt with the same?

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Just did some internet research particularly on zika/ mosquitos ..etc. There are many tools/ tips and trick and products on how to prevent mosquitos. CDC website does have a lot of insight particularly on Zika as well.. and florida keys mosquito control district (MKMCD) seems to have positive result on controlling this particular mosquitos, from what we could do to even up to GM it.. ( oxitec.. ) ; now I guess the questions is how to make this tips/ trick easily accessible to the public, and might to have some starter-kit/ all-in-one type of thing to turn those insight into action... e.g. might be to have some major supermarket/ clinics/hospitals ( or online shop) to set up a special session for Zika prevention product...? or an APP to summarise all tips and tricks, and link to you the right product..etc...

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